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  1. Singapore Design Week goes to Holland Village, Tanjong Pagar for mini festivals

    The annual design festival by DesignSingapore Council branches out as design creatives take over Chip Bee Gardens and Keong Saik Road and its ...
  2. Kicking gaming addiction with Vietnam's martial art

    An's folly was "League of Legends", a fantasy fight game that consumed her for 18 hours a day until she joined a school for troubled teens which ...
  3. Glowing plastic cows? Here's what to expect at i Light Marina Bay 2018

    The annual light art festival will feature 22 sustainable artworks from 14 countries, and will be extending to the Esplanade Park for the first time.
  4. Against the wall: The journey of Singapore’s street art scene from fringe to mainstream

    From its underground graffiti roots in the mid-1990s to its current mainstream renaissance, Singapore’s street art movement has come a long way.
  5. Enter a mirror maze and other things to do at the Light to Night Festival

    The 10-day event at the Civic District kicks off on Friday (Jan 19). It will feature light projections and art installations, musical ...
  6. Encounter tigers, follow a Japanese procession at National Gallery Singapore

    In two weeks’ time, the Civic District comes to life with Light To Night Festival. But if you can’t wait that long, check out these new indoor art ...
  7. New interactive light attraction unveiled at Marina Bay Sands

  8. Hawkers, aliens, zombies: Comic books put a twist on Singapore’s history

    New collective Comics Of Singapore Histories Studios are putting an unusual spin on local heritage and history with a series of comic books, such ...
  9. Bringing art closer to home

    Art has been moving out of gallery spaces into cafes, boutiques and even malls. Now, artists and curators are showcasing artworks to the public in ...

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