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  1. Emerald Hill walk: Of colonialism and a darker side of Sir Stamford Raffles

    Ahead of next year's bicentennial commemorations, the popular OH! Open House art event in March offers an alternative view of Singapore’s past – ...
  2. French, Dutch teams unveil two newly restored Rembrandts

    Dutch and French art historians on Monday unveiled the surprising results of 18 months of painstaking restoration work on a pair of 17th century ...
  3. West Virginia man admits to fraud tied to Boston art heist

    A West Virginia man pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges he fraudulently offered to sell some of the US$500 million in artwork that was stolen ...
  4. Traditional music returns in Syria's war torn Aleppo

  5. Investors brace for more swings as US inflation specter rises

    The inflation bogeyman has reared its ugly head and sent U.S. stock investors racing for the hills in recent days.
  6. Angela Merkel, 'eternal chancellor' past her zenith

  7. New York museum commemorates Olympics with Korean exhibition


    Teach your young ones important life lessons and develop their sense of responsibility, critical thinking and Web navigation skills. Brought to ...
  9. Polish president signs Holocaust bill, triggers Israeli, US criticism

    Poland's president signed into law on Tuesday a bill that imposes jail terms for suggesting the country was complicit in the Holocaust, prompting ...
  10. Commentary: Fire, fury and the problem with too much outrage

    We are quicker to anger than ever - but is our righteous indignation clouding our judgment? The Financial Times' Jo Ellison explores the roots of ...

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