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  1. Four men arrested for gambling in public

  2. 3 men arrested for illegal horse betting activities

  3. On The Job as a police patrol officer: Unpredictable high-risk work that tests brains and brawn

    In a series where Channel NewsAsia journalists try working in some of Singapore’s essential but underappreciated jobs, Tang See Kit joins two ...
  4. Italy breaks up Chinese crime ring involved in drugs, prostitution

    Italy ordered the arrest of 33 people on Thursday on suspicion of running a Chinese mafia group involved in gambling, prostitution, and drugs and ...
  5. Commentary: Personal Internet use at work makes life easier for hackers

    Surfing the Internet at work could expose your company to more cybersecurity risks, says one expert from De Montfort University.
  6. In "China's Jerusalem", Christians say faith trumps official Sunday School ban

    When authorities in China's southeastern city of Wenzhou outlawed Sunday School earlier this year, Christian parents determined their children ...
  7. Raids in Geylang nab 80 for illegal gambling and other offences

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