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Microsoft debuts two Surface models to capture the next generation of versatile work and play

With a complete design rethink for the Surface Pro 8 and new performance benchmarks with the Surface Laptop Studio, the pair demonstrates what it means to be 'original by design'.

Microsoft debuts two Surface models to capture the next generation of versatile work and play

The Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop Studio are the new power tools for the hybrid work era. Photos: Microsoft

The word “hybrid” has become an established label that describes almost all elements that make up today’s lifestyles. Work, play, home, office – everything overlaps and melds into a sometimes fuzzy mash-up.

With schools adopting hybrid learning practices, government regulations supporting flexible work arrangements and even Forbes suggesting for CFOs to begin laying groundwork for long-term hybrid work, this dynamic model looks like it’s here to stay. Whether you are a student or working adult, the need for a portable, flexible and powerful device is critical in helping you meet your multi-tasking needs. 

For Microsoft, the new routines provided an opportunity to recalibrate its Surface collection, with versatility, mobility and performance becoming key drivers for a redesign. The recently released Surface Pro 8 gets a boost in form and features, while the Surface Laptop Studio synthesises powerful specs into a portable form factor, delivering the best possible experience with Windows 11 and bringing users closer to what they love.


You’re answering emails on your tablet during commute and something urgent pops up that requires you to sit down proper at your laptop. At such times, a device like the Surface Pro 8 makes complete sense. The two-in-one switches between a tablet and laptop easily with an additional keyboard, offering a streamlined solution that adapts to your multi-tasking needs. For the student travelling with a textbook- and device-laden backpack, this saves on precious bag space. For that associate juggling appointments, contracts and incoming case studies, convenience is found with all essential data stored on one device for swift retrieval.

While many are familiar with the Microsoft Surface Pro line-up, the Pro 8 brings a complete revamp to truly become a next-generation device. Inspired by the fluidity of the latest Windows 11 OS, its new contemporary rounded frame lets you carry the device comfortably, with the signature kickstand flush at the back ready to provide support at any viewing angle.



You’ll enjoy your screen time with the 13-inch PixelSense Flow touch display that goes almost to the edge, courtesy of a reduced bezel. And by virtue of the deeper screen ratio of 3:2, documents, videos and games now appear more immersive. Beneath its sleek shell, the new 11th Gen Intel Core processors power you through with hours of smooth use even when multi-tasking. The Evo models also boast ultra-responsiveness, with instant wake and fast charging capabilities for the road warrior.

With the rise of video meetings and portable entertainment, Microsoft has included a suite of features to optimise your next engagement. Available for the first time on a Surface device, Dolby Vision upgrades your presentations with vivid detail, while Dolby Atmos incorporates spatial audio for a lush listening experience. This is supported by new dual Studio Mics and stereo speakers, so you will always be heard – even in a less-than-quiet setting. Other enhancements include a 16-hour battery capacity and a dedicated camera for Windows Hello face authentication for added convenience.

It’s fascinating to see so much packed into so little. And at a starting weight of just 891g, the premium portable experience is now a reality. Whether tackling work and video conferencing on laptop mode or taking it on the road as a tablet for some sketching or reading, the Surface Pro 8 is slated to become your preferred companion for the new hybrid work era.


Transforming the Surface Pro 8 into a full-fledged laptop is a breeze with the optional ultra-slim Signature Pro Keyboard. It clicks cleverly into place through precise magnets and offers an unabridged keyboard experience with backlit mechanical keys and a generous trackpad. There’s an option for those who prefer extra convenience and security with Touch ID fingerprint login, and creatives working with the new Surface Slim Pen 2 will be pleased to know that there is now a slot for secure pen storage and wireless charging.


An upgraded version of its previous iteration, the Surface Slim Pen 2 has a sharper tip for increased precision while allowing for better shading. It glides across the screen in a true pen-on-paper fashion, thanks to an intuitive haptic feedback system. Control, doodle or take notes; you’ll find that everything responds in a snap on the tablet with its super-charged 120Hz screen refresh rate – another first for the series.

When the time comes for extra storage or monitors, the Surface Pro 8 allows for blazing connections to be made with its two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, granting you full desktop productivity when needed.


Having found a bridge between laptop and tablet, Microsoft is also plugging the gap between notebook and desktop with another launch – the Surface Laptop Studio. With its amped up performance, it’s primed for more demanding creative use, such as video and photo editing, or apps rendering.

A flagship desktop model, the Surface Studio has seen the exceptional design of the Surface invested with cutting-edge specs. Original by design, the new Surface Laptop Studio brings these high-octane levels of power into a portable form factor that users know and love.

Much like any Surface, the signature ability to transform is very much present. On the Surface Laptop Studio, this is taken further with three distinct modes – all made possible by a new ultra-durable dynamic woven hinge.


Flip up the screen and you’re ready to work on your projects in Laptop mode. When it’s time for that presentation, pop the screen forward into a tented position over the keyboard for an uncluttered view. This Stage mode is as equally suited for professionals looking to pitch to an audience as it is for gamers seeking instant play when the device is paired with an Xbox controller. When it’s time to focus on those documents, the screen drops completely flat to become a tablet in Studio mode, so you can annotate or draw with ease.

Presented on a 14.4-inch touchscreen and coupled with dual Studio Mics and Quad Omnisonic speakers, your viewing pleasure is always guaranteed.

Baked into this workhorse are quad-core 11th Gen Intel Core H Series processors that bring you up to speed, and Nvidia GPUs that help you crunch through demanding visuals. This is a boon for video editors or gamers – they’ll find their most intensive rendering of 4K videos in Premier Pro or AAA games handled expertly.


The ability of the Surface Laptop Studio to handle a vast spectrum of scenarios and tasks is best demonstrated by the content creator of today, whose role involves video calls with clients, churning out sharp proposals, and creating artwork, photos and videos tailored for different audiences on an array of platforms. On the Surface Laptop Studio, these needs are wholly met, with performance and portability united in one incredible package.

The future of work is evolving and it’s undeniably mobile. In a 2022 Work Trend Index study by Microsoft involving 31,000 people in 31 countries, 53 per cent of employees surveyed said that they are more likely to prioritise health and well-being over work than before the pandemic. With the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop Studio, students, creatives and professionals alike are now empowered to achieve a healthy balance between work and play, on their own terms.

There’s a Surface for your every need. Get the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop Studio at the Microsoft Store and at authorised retailers and resellers.


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