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Partnerships on the drive to digitisation

Konica Minolta’s digital solutions are helping SMEs streamline operations and maximise efficiency.

Partnerships on the drive to digitisation

Konica Minolta's digital solutions for businesses cover a wide range of needs from printing to security. Photo: Shutterstock

In light of technological disruption impacting many industries, companies need to undergo digital transformation to stay competitive, reduce operational costs and leverage technology so workers can make more value-added contributions.

According to the National Business Survey 2019/2020, which was conducted by the Singapore Business Federation, two in three local enterprises believe that adopting technology is fundamental to transforming their businesses.

However, the survey found that significant concerns remain among businesses:

  • Cost (69 per cent)
  • Training/adapting staff to use new technology (49 per cent)
  • Cyber security risks (40 per cent)

Government schemes are in place to help workers and local enterprises adopt digital technology. During his recently concluded budget speech, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat announced increased support for enterprises and workers to transform themselves as the global economy evolves.

For instance, the SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit aims to encourage employers to transform their workers and enterprises together.

Mr Heng also noted the importance of data security as a key enabler of Singapore’s digital economy.


As firms digitise their operations, they face a growing risk of confidential information being accessed by unauthorised persons – hence the increasing importance of IT security. Businesses looking to digitise their operations can partner technology experts like Konica Minolta, who offer a holistic portfolio of security solutions. These offer multiple levels of protection to help safeguard businesses.

The firm offers businesses a suite of digital solutions that can help enhance their operations in the areas of printing, end-to-end security, last mile logistics, document process automation, document management solutions and managed IT solutions.

For instance, its Mobotix thermal camera system uses high-quality smart IP cameras and thermographic technology, for live monitoring of areas. The system enables the detection of unusual occurrences like temperature or motion that exceed predefined ranges for preventive measures. Amid the current COVID-19 outbreak, such a system could also potentially be used to help screen people who may be running a fever.

Solutions like these can help companies reap the benefits of digital transformation by improving productivity, raising staff morale and, ultimately, lifting the bottom line.


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Konica Minolta’s digital solutions have helped Lian Nam Heng streamline operations and maximise efficiency.

One company that has successfully partnered Konica Minolta is Lian Nam Heng Marketing Pte Ltd, a food import-and-export trading firm that was established in 1979. When Mr Edmund Wee took over the reins of the business from his parents in 1994, he had to deal with poor inventory management and legacy operation systems, which was over reliant on manual process that led to errors and slowed down productivity

Mr Wee believed that leveraging technology would help the business grow. After all, faster turnaround times meant increased business.

This is where Konica Minolta entered the picture.

Lian Nam Heng Marketing adopted Konica Minolta’s Warehouse Management Software to manage document processes with real-time status updates through a centralised online portal. This automated the company’s most time-consuming and error-prone processes, helping to raise productivity and boost staff morale.

The company also adopted Konica Minolta’s colour multifunction printers, which has halved the printing time of invoices and other documents.

To enhance security, Lian Nam Heng turned to Konica Minolta’s IoT Security and Monitoring Solution. It uses analytical video systems to monitor and secure the warehouse. When the cameras detect unusual activities or occurrences, an email notification is sent to Edmund, who is then able to view real-time footage on his Mobotix mobile app immediately.


The use of digital technology not only helped contribute to the bottom line but has also lifted spirits at Lian Nam Heng.

The time and cost reduction in manpower, operations and paper enables the business to improve productivity through efficient resource planning and document management, storage and retrieval.

Said Mr Wee: “Our productivity and efficiency have really improved after implementing the solutions by Konica Minolta. Lower operating costs, close to zero overtime, happier staff. This is how we grow here at Lian Nam Heng.”

Having witnessed Lian Nam Heng’s growth, Ms Christine Tan, general manager of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia, National Operations, said: “Konica Minolta is honoured to be part of Lian Nam Heng’s digital transformation journey. In line with Konica Minolta’s social responsibility, we seek to leverage our technological innovation to equip Lian Nam Heng’s elderly workers with new digital skillsets, helping them to stay relevant and enjoy higher remuneration.

“We look forward to partnering more companies with our bespoke solutions, to embrace transformations and scale businesses to greater heights.”

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