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When mankind surpasses nature with diamonds borne from science

Nothing illuminates jewellery like a diamond. SK Jewellery Group sheds light on mankind’s pursuit of achieving this wonder in a laboratory, and disrupts the industry with an introduction that took 60 years to achieve.

When mankind surpasses nature with diamonds borne from science

Boasting a remarkable shine, Star Carat Diamonds have been formulated with natural colours like their mined cousins. Photos: SK Jewellery Group

Diamonds are many things: A girl’s best friend, a symbol of eternity, and the epitome of brilliance under pressure. Nature’s treasured gift may come from the easily-obtained element of carbon, but the occurrence of this sparkling stone – especially of the large or flawless kind – has been a chase for many. And even achieving the same through science has not been easy.

It is only recent advancements in technology that have finally reached a breakthrough in the quest to recreate the gem in a laboratory, and as leaders charting a path for the future, SK Jewellery is introducing Star Carat Diamonds – a lab-grown alternative to mined diamonds.


Creating one of the world’s hardest elements is literally that – hard.

The first method ever used to create a Lab Grown Diamond (LGD) was inspired by the natural process itself. The High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) technique was invented at General Electric laboratory in 1954, and was used to apply immense force and superheat a carbon seed.

Soon after, the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method took off and is now regarded as a superior way of making cultured diamonds. The chemical process happens in a vacuum, and unlike HPHT, has no size restriction. It generates a one-dimensional growth, resulting in an organised crystal structure that is identical to a mined diamond.

The lack of nitrogen gives the LGDs an exceptional chemical purity, surpassing the mined version that only has 2 per cent of such quality. And after six decades of refinement to the process, the result is clear – a rock that is purer and cleaner. And because all Star Carat Diamonds are CVD diamonds, they guarantee a remarkable shine and have been formulated with natural colours like their mined cousins.


Science speaks and holds court to the truth – LGDs are diamonds.

Just like how nature intended, but with technology compressing time, Star Carat Diamonds are made of 100-per-cent pure carbon, and possess the exact same chemical, physical and optical properties as mined diamonds. And while the value is achieved by dropping the multiple labour-intensive processes that mined diamonds go through, LGDs retain the very same final steps to give them their signature character.

In fact, LGDs don’t come out faceted. The CVD formula creates the gem in its raw form, which undergoes the same cutting and polishing high-quality diamonds undergo. This results in gems that possess a distinctive mark, one that has received a warm reception in the United States with the younger demographic when it was introduced.

Prof Henry* Senior explains how Star Carat lab-grown diamonds are created. *Acronym for High-Earners, Not Rich Yet. Video: SK Jewellery Group

“We are aware that luxury today takes on a different notion,” shared Mr Daniel Lim, chief executive officer of SK Jewellery Group. “More people are embracing technology and the experiences it brings.”

“Our decision to introduce the technology-based Star Carat Diamond line aims to inject a breath of fresh air and revitalise the jewellery industry. At the same time, this new addition allows us to appeal to value-seeking, well-informed customers, providing them the premium choice to opt for a larger stone for the same price.”

And the difference? Expect to own a Star Carat Diamond that is nearly 50 per cent larger than a mined diamond for exactly the same price.


SK Jewellery offers utmost transparency to the Star Carat Diamonds it creates, and every gem is accompanied with international certification by independent gemological labs as a testament to the quality and value. All CVD diamonds are Type IIA, representing an exceptional fire and flawlessness. And the new science has introduced a new market of luxury.

Mr Lim is optimistic about this direction SK Jewellery is taking. “Mined or lab-created diamond – it’s a choice we are offering to consumers today. Each product has its appeal and speaks differently to different customers. Star Carat Diamonds represent a new solution that gives consumers the quality and brilliance at a value that aligns with their lifestyle. Now, every lady can own a diamond that’s one carat or bigger.”

A Star Carat Diamond is now everyone’s best friend. It makes it a reality for every man to secure a brilliant rock with ease, one with a size and shine that will continuously impress the lady.

The Star Carat Diamond 0.9 Diamond Ring (internationally certified) retails from S$2,999. To pick out your sparkle, visit the Star Carat Shop or any SK Jewellery or Love & Co boutique today.


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