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A winter of wizards and wacky monsters

Magic and mayhem are on the year-end menu at Universal Studios Japan

Christmas is a time of magic in its own right, but this year, there’s an extra spark of fantasy at Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan because it’s Winter in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Experience the popular Hogwarts Magical Night and gather around the iconic castle to witness a dazzling spellcasting display by the students, as they illuminate it with a warm glow before transforming it to glimmering ice. But don’t feel left out – you can cast some spells of your own. Move on to the main square of Hogsmeade, where you’ll spot a very special Christmas tree, ready to do your bidding. Try waving your wand to bring up the “locomotor” or “lumos” spell, and watch the tree come alive at your command.

Stroll down the village and take some memorable pictures at this popular attraction, as it gets blanketed with snow and decorated with classic holiday baubles. End the visit with some hearty butter beer and delicious Christmas treats.

If you’re looking for some giggles, join the Minions HACHA-MECHA Christmas Party. It is sure to be an enjoyable riot as the little characters colour the streets with their party of balloons and confetti.

You may not understand them as they greet you with their infectious gibberish, but we all know a laugh is international speak for fun. Stay on throughout the wild event and watch out for the surprise.


Universal Studios Japan is also bringing two of its biggest Christmas attractions together with The Gift of Angel and the World's Most Illuminated Tree. It’s a rousing spectacle of angel choir, fireworks, and awe-inspiring projection display. All this leads up to the lighting of the Universal Illusion Tree – a Guinness World Record holder of the most illuminated tree, with over half a million light fixtures.

If you’re seeking a 26-hour straight run of your favourite rides, head on down for the New Year Countdown on Dec 31. The park will be opened for an extended period and you’ll get a recap of the year with its top four seasonal shows. For the first time ever, Universal Studios Japan will be greeting 2019 with a jaw-dropping display of over 3,000 fireworks. Now, that’s going out with a bang!


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