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  1. Marina Bay Floating Platform

    National Day Parade 2020, 2021 to be held at The Float

  2. ndp funpack 1

    Commentary: When that funpack becomes too much fun for our planet

    Let’s rethink whether we need a funpack at National Day Parades and what should go inside, says Irene Hoe.
  3. Ms Noriza Mohd Salji and some of her family members at the Woodlands celebrations

    NDP 2019: Singaporeans turn out in droves to catch the mobile column

  4. NDP 2019 F15-SG soars against backdrop of the moon

    In pictures: National Day Parade 2019

  5. NDP 2019 crowd

    NDP 2019: Past and present contributions honoured in bicentennial spectacle at the Padang

  6. NDP 2019 National Day Parade performers and fireworks and giant lion

    NDP 2019 as it happened: The bicentennial National Day Parade

  7. NDP 2019 girl saying pledge

    NDP 2019: 5 things to look out for at this year's parade

    Singapore's 54th birthday celebration not only takes place in its bicentennial year, it marks the National Day Parade's return to the Padang for ...
  8. National Day Parade fireworks

    7 bars to catch the National Day Parade (NDP2019) fireworks from

    Raise a toast to our nation’s 54th birthday and enjoy the pyrotechnics at one of these watering holes.

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