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  1. happy child,toddler,running in the field, water sprinklers

    Commentary: Climate action is our generation’s 1965

    Winning our climate war is a moral and economic imperative. The green lining is that the new climate economy being birthed creates good jobs while ...
  2. singapore climate change

    Commentary: Climate change in Singapore and what the future brings

    History shows us how hotter and drier years, coupled with greater exposure to flash floods, haze incidents and water shortages, make climate ...
  3. older workers

    Commentary: Seniors do well at their jobs yet ageist myths and negative stereotypes persist

    To move beyond retirement and re-employment will require bold changes from companies and supervisors, says SUSS’ Helen Ko.
  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: How effectively can Singapore adapt to sea level rise?

    Even as Singapore strives to adapt to rising sea levels, let’s not win that battle yet end up losing the larger war against climate change, says ...
  5. File picture of older workers

    Commentary: Watch for casual ageism and other signs of caustic attitudes about older workers

    At the heart of concerns over raising the retirement age and CPF contribution rates is an insidious belief that older workers are worth less.
  6. File photo Changi Beach park

    Commentary: As ice caps melt, Singapore a hot spot for sea-level rise

    Global warming doesn't only just lead to higher sea levels, it also changes which places see a disproportionate rise in sea levels, says Earth ...
  7. A senior on her way to work.

    Commentary: Singapore’s bold bet on seniors and valuable years of life experience

    The signal is clear. Raising the retirement and re-employment age is long overdue and the task that lies ahead is for workers and companies to ...
  8. NUS graduates at commencement ceremony

    55,000 tertiary students to get enhanced bursaries, some up to 95%: MOE

  9. Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli on CNA938 (3)

    ‘Calamity may come’ if Singapore doesn’t take care of its coastlines now: Masagos Zulkifli

    The Minister for the Environment and Water Resources also shared more on the citizens’ workgroup, saying one problem it will look at is how to ...