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  1. A thick blanket of smog covers the Hanoi skyline as the sun sets on Sep 27, 2019

    Citing 'unhealthy air', Vietnam tells people to limit outdoor activities

    Vietnam warned its people on Tuesday to limit outdoor activities because the air quality in the Southeast Asian country has persistently been at ...
  2. The Jason Hahn Files

    The Jason Hahn Files: What's Wrong With Being A Global Citizen?

    “Just because you were born in KL and went to school in Boston and your favourite restaurant is in Sydney doesn’t mean you are a global citizen!
  3. are pets affected by the haze

    The haze might also be affecting your pets – here’s how to take care of them

    We're not the only ones who breathe heavy when the air quality goes down. Take these steps to make sure your fur – or feathered – babies stay healthy.