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  1. A Jordanian woman harvests green beans at a farm  in Ghor al-Haditha, south of the capital Amman

    Drought-hit Jordan 'critical' as water sources dry up

    Ahmad Daoud surveyed his shrivelled tomato plants near the Dead Sea in Jordan, where severe drought in what is already one of the world's most ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: An oil worker walks toward a drill rig in Loving County, Texas

    Commentary: Oil and gas is not the sunset industry you think it is

    Even as climate change intensifies the call for decarbonisation, the oil and gas sector will play a pivotal role in Singapore, say EY consultants.
  3. FILE PHOTO: Bill Gates, Co-Chair of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, attends the World Economic

    Commentary: There are no quick-fixes to climate change even if Bill Gates says so

    Technology has to be part of the solution, but will not be a magical remedy after centuries of excessive carbon emissions, says MIT economics ...
  4. vtwarmfish 07

    IN FOCUS: Changing weather patterns a bane for Malaysia's fishery sector

    Climate change has thrown monsoon, wind and wave patterns into disarray, affecting the fishermen’s operating costs and potential of pulling in a ...
  5. Australia's Great Barrier Reef faces "precipitous decline", scientists say

    Intervention 'could buy 20 years' for declining Great Barrier Reef

    Using experimental "cloud brightening" technology and introducing heat-tolerant corals could help slow the Great Barrier Reef's climate ...