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  1. FILE PHOTO: A empty spot on the wall marks the place where the stolen Henri Matisse painting was, i

    'Missing Picasso' found in Romania may be hoax: Media

    A painting that Romanian prosecutors said on Sunday (Nov 18) might be a work by Pablo Picasso stolen in 2012 is more likely a forgery created as a ...
  2. Actors Hsieh Ying-xuan and Xu Zheng pose after winning the awards for Best Leading Actress and Best

    Lights, camera, factions: Stars at Chinese-language 'Oscars' split over Taiwan

    The Chinese-speaking world's version of the Oscars, the Golden Horse Awards, has created a sharp political divide between film stars and directors ...
  3. Jacelyn Tay divorce main

    Jacelyn Tay announces split from her husband of eight years on Instagram

    Celebrity friends wish the 43-year-old local media personality well as Tay says she and her son are "fine".
  4. Men's dress code BUSINESS CASUAL

    Decoding men's dress codes: What to wear when the invitation gets specific

    Black tie, cocktail, business, smart casual – what does it all mean? CNA Lifestyle breaks it down for the next business function, gala or wedding ...
  5. life in 90s singapore days of being BBS wild on a dial up modem CNA Lifestyle romance

    Life in 90s Singapore: Days of being BBS wild on a Sim Lim Square dial-up modem

    Running free in a world unregulated by parents, meeting up IRL at S-11, and mistaking commonality for love – a personal story about coming of age ...
  6. Home Alone movie still

    Christmas gift ideas for the most difficult people in your life to shop for

    Freaking out about what to buy for your mother-in-law, scary boss, and not-so-platonic friend? CNA Lifestyle is here to help with (mostly) helpful ...
  7. best christmas song list john denver and the muppets CNA Lifestyle

    Yuletide playlist: The 12 best versions of popular Christmas songs

    Christmastime is here – time to crank out the tunes to get in the mood. But whose version of what song do you add to your playlist? Let the ...
  8. Christmas home part food canape recipes

    Entertaining friends and family? Easy-peasy festive canape recipes for kitchen noobs

    Pre-cooked ingredients, ready-made sauces and restaurant-inspired garnishes will make you the host with the most this Christmas.
  9. Too much caffeine may stress the heart WELL-CAFFEINE-NOV12-0_mod

    Too much caffeine may stress the heart, cause anxiety and lead to weight gain

    In moderate doses caffeine has mainly positive effects for most people. But it increases production of cortisol, which can lead to a number of ...
  10. Jerusalem travel guide Israel Holy City 1

    Trendy Jerusalem: Boutique hotels, hip restaurants and buzzy cocktail bars

    The city centre has blossomed with a youthful, hipster juxtaposition to the religious pilgrims roaming the Holy City.

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