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  1. Rincon Hill, South Beach, South Market, San Francisco google map

    Commentary: Would you let Google Maps rename your neighbourhood?

    Three neighbourhoods in San Francisco had their moniker changed and residents decried it, Raechel A Portelli at Michigan State University points out.
  2. doctor clinic consultation

    Commentary: Electronic health records cannot replace a doctor who knows you

    The better your doctor knows you, the more likely they will be to ensure that you receive the best care, say medicine professors Richard Gunderman ...
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: Why media outlets are fighting back against fake news in India

    The stakes are high when misinformation and fake news can spread fast in the country of 560 million Internet subscribers, senior lecturer at ...
  4. shows the on-demand internet streaming media provider, Netflix, on a laptop screen in Stockholm

    Commentary: How long can Netflix stay ad-free? And won't it monetise your data?

    Netflix currently spends more cash than it brings in, leading to a mountain of debt, but why is it still providing ad-free content? Professor of ...
  5. Facebook Dating Secret Crush app Singapore

    Experiencing Tinder fatigue? Facebook launches its Dating feature in Singapore

    The new feature will also be available in 18 other countries, including Malaysia. If you’re not looking for strangers, there’s also a Secret Crush ...
  6. Person using macbook, laptop

    Commentary: A new digital divide, between those who opt out of algorithms and those who don't

    The growing divide is no longer just about access but how people deal with algorithms that permeate every aspect of their lives, says Michigan ...
  7. AI robot at Singtel NTU

    Singapore accelerates patent applications for AI-related inventions

    The time needed to apply for a patent has been cut to as short as six months, with IPOS claiming it is “the fastest in the world”.