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  1. GovTech team behind Trashy

    These young engineers want to make recycling a breeze in Singapore

    It’s not always easy to find a recycling or e-waste bin, prompting four GovTech employees to come up with a prototype tool to map all such bins in ...
  2. Second-hand Fiat 500e cars, imported from California, U.S., are seen at the Buddy Electric car deal

    From California to Oslo: Foreign subsidies fuel Norway's e-car boom, for now

    On the outskirts of Oslo, a row of Fiat 500es imported from California stand parked in the snow outside the Buddy Electric dealership, part of a ...
  3. Wider Image: World's Largest Electronics Waste Dump

    Value of China's metal e-waste to double to US$24 billion by 2030 - Greenpeace

    The potential value of recyclable metals in discarded mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers in China will more than double to around US$24 ...
  4. Proposed AESV concepts

    Self-driving vehicles for road sweeping to go on trial

    Two consortiums have been selected to design, develop and test the vehicles.

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