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    Jimmy's run to recovery: From open heart surgery to finishing a marathon

    At 54, Jimmy has run 8 half-marathons and a full marathon. What you'd never guess: He only picked up running 2 years ago - after a quadruple heart ...
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    How to buy the best ingredients at the wet market

    Young or old coconut milk? How should you pick the best chilli or nutmeg? Padang 'masterchef' Neni shares her wet-market tips. Because to make the ...
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    Singapore's Elderly Poor: The Ice-cream Uncle

    For more than 10 years, 85-year-old Ng Teak Boon has made a living selling ice-cream – but his life hasn’t been quite as sweet. READ MORE: The ...
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    Singapore's elderly poor: Looking after Helen

    Alone for 17 years after her husband died, Helen Fernandez was falling prey to dementia, loneliness and squalor. But all that changed when a ...
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    Singapore's elderly poor: Nursing the lonely

    She has watched her husband, siblings and 3 children all die before her. At 89, she's fought depression all alone -- until these folks offered ...
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    Neni's mushroom rendang: Classic Padang food with a twist

    Beef rendang is perhaps Padang's best-known food. Resident Neni Rahdipa took on the challenge to create a healthier version of rendang using ...
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    Neni's spicy cow head salad: An unusual Padang recipe

    It's not a dish many today can stomach thinking about, but in the old days, cow head salad was about not wasting any part of the cow that was ...
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    Bandung's oldest kopitiam

    Ring out the old, ring in the new? Not quite. This new year, make plans to visit a hip hangout that's fused both old and new - Bandung's oldest ...
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    A family of fighters: Defying brain cancer

    "Just that two blinks, it's enough." For the parents of 24-year-old Sing Yu - whom doctors three Christmases ago said wouldn't survive long - her ...
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    The farmers' tech hero: Giving power back to Indonesia's exploited

    Cheated by middlemen, many small farmers in Indonesia live in debt. Until this man developed a way to change their lives - with an app. Meet this ...

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