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  1. A British parliamentary report called Facebook "digital gangsters" that frustrated its

    Facebook 'digital gangsters' violated privacy laws: MPs

    A scathing British parliamentary report on Monday branded Facebook "digital gangsters" that knowingly violated data privacy and competition laws.
  2. Donald Trump said China-US trade talks are going 'extremely well' ahead of a fresh round

    Asian markets boosted by hopes for China-US trade deal

    Asian markets rallied with oil and high-yielding currencies Monday as investors grow increasingly confident that China and the United States will ...
  3. FILE PHOTO:  The European Union flag, the Gibraltarian flag and The Union Jack are seen flying, at

    Spanish warship ordered ships to leave British waters near Gibraltar

  4. Syria SDF members

    IS defends final pocket of dying 'caliphate' in Syria

    Islamic State group militants were defending the last pocket of their "caliphate" in Syria on Monday (Feb 18), as EU foreign ministers meet to ...

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