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  1. Bill Cain (Photo: Hat Of Cain)

    Creative Capital: How this former optician started a Panama hat business in Singapore

    Long-time expatriate Bill Cain moved to Singapore in 1989 and has been here ever since. He says that Singapore is most ideal to wear a Panama hat, ...
  2. Medical social worker Melissa Chew's job entails bringing comfort to both the living and the dead.

    When all a patient has at death’s door is one last hope, she steps in

    Melissa Chew's job as a medical social worker includes reuniting families, even at the eleventh hour, and tracking down a dead person’s next of ...
  3. Stella and mother

    Missing items, temper tantrums and life shifts: One woman’s journey in caring for her mother-in-law with dementia

    With one in 10 seniors above 60 in Singapore suffering from dementia, CNA took a look at how one caregiver handled the situation when her ...
  4. Mother-in-law and married couple

    Commentary: The Dragon Mother-in-law and the First Son Syndrome

    The hereditary locked-horn battle between a woman and the mother of her husband has never really gone away even in modern times, says prominent ...
  5. Pork is Singapore’s second favourite meat, with more than 126,000 tonnes imported last year.

    What's making pork more expensive? There's a fatty belly factor

    Pork prices in Singapore have increased steadily owing to trends ranging from changing consumer preferences to rising oil prices, as For Food’s Sake!
  6. Taking Obituary Photos and the Difference between Death and Dying

    Commentary: Taking obituary photos and the difference between death and dying

    People don’t like to talk about death, and that shows when families grapple with how to take Ah Ma’s obituary pictures, Terence Heng.
  7. handcuffs file photo

    More than 150 investigated in islandwide operation against scams

    More than 150 people have been arrested for their suspected involvement in various scams, police said in a news release on Friday (Oct 11).

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