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  1. Commentary: Budget 2018, a responsible budget in spending and financing

    What one should take away from this Budget is how government spending and financing have been enhanced to give Singapore more fiscal space for ...
  2. NEA inspections ‘thorough’ despite recent hygiene lapses by some ‘A’-rated restaurants

    Establishment owners said officers conduct surprise checks that cover even the smallest details.
  3. Commentary: Go beyond financial aid to help our children succeed

    Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat’s announcement at Budget 2018 that more financial support will be available for students, particularly from ...
  4. Stolen A-Level scripts: Affected students shocked, but happy with handling of incident

    While some said they would take the “rare second chance” to improve their A-Level grade by retaking the paper, others said they were content with ...
  5. Uber Eats driver investigated over case of missing parcel

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