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  1. Nearly 500 companies adopt Tripartite Standard for Self-Employed Persons since launch in March 2018

    Nearly 500 companies adopt tripartite standard for self-employed

  2. Underwater currents, strong winds and even heavy rain add uncertainty to commercial diving jobs.

    For a pay packet, they risk drowning, crocodile attacks and being hit by ships

    They are in one of the world’s most dangerous occupations, but these divers want to do what they love and go to sea, as On The Red Dot discovers.
  3. Grab launches fund transfer function

    Commentary: Bike-sharing e-wallets, peer-to-peer lending and the astronomical rise of shadow banking

    Have regulations caught up with the surge in digital payment services that mirror banking functions?
  4. Sutachi owners

    'We have never taken a full salary as young hawkers'

    “We gave ourselves a year to see if Sutachi would work out. With a year, I have the profit and loss statements to look at. We made our decision ...
  5. Irritated skin

    Commentary: Low self-esteem, depression and frequent flare-ups plague growing numbers of eczema sufferers

    As a society, we must overcome the shameful stigma that those who suffer from eczema bear, says dermatologist Dr Joyce Lim.
  6. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un speaks at the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces on occasio

    Kim Jong Un to arrive in Vietnam on Feb 25 ahead of Trump summit

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will arrive in Vietnam on Feb. 25 ahead of a planned second summit with US President Donald Trump, three sources ...
  7. CHAS website

    CHAS IT error: A timeline of how it unfolded

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