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  1. New Content Item

    Financing individual travel for terrorist training to be illegal under proposed law changes

    Another suggested amendment will also allow the Government to prosecute money mules who transport criminal proceeds for organised syndicates.
  2. Singapore Parliament in session. File photo: TODAY

    Ministerial salary structure totally transparent, with no hidden perks: DPM Teo

  3. pills medication side effects health 3

    IT glitch resulting in mislabelled medicine caused by human error: Lam Pin Min

    The glitch in the GPConnect computer system saw more than 830 patients receive medicine labelled with the wrong dosage instructions.
  4. HSR blueprint Malaysia station

    Singapore agreed to defer HSR project 'in the spirit of bilateral cooperation': Khaw Boon Wan

    Speaking in Parliament on Monday (Oct 1), Mr Khaw said that Singapore could have turned down Malaysia’s request to do so, enforced its legal ...
  5. Blackout collage

    Failure of two components in power-generating units caused last month’s power outage: Koh Poh Koon

    With the power-generating units being maintained properly, authorities are working with the generation companies and their original equipment ...
  6. NMP Nominees Lim Sun Sun_Irene Quay

    Plans for Parliament: NMP candidates share motivations to be in politics

  7. NMP Yip Pin Xiu, Douglas Foo

    Paralympian Yip Pin Xiu, Sakae Holdings chairman Douglas Foo among 9 new proposed NMPs

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