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  1. e-scooter

    Commentary: Don’t complain about rules for bikes and PMDs until we’ve proven we can be responsible

    Let’s also consider the reasons why these regulations and penalties were introduced in the first place, says Channel NewsAsia’s Bharati Jagdish.
  2. Old HDB flats in Singapore

    Commentary: Mind the varied impact of HDB schemes on different groups of home owners

    While the HDB schemes that seek to address the issue of expiring leases and depreciating value are to be welcomed, policymakers will do well to ...
  3. TP dementia 3

    Commentary: Hard to grapple with dementia when early signs are often neglected

    Most people with the illness don't get medical attention because they are not aware that they even have a problem, says one expert at the ...
  4. A woman enjoying a holiday.

    Commentary: Save like an economist when on holiday

    Thinking like an economist can save you some cash while on holiday, says one economist.
  5. Alibaba founder Jack Ma on the first day of trading for Alibaba on the New York Stock Exchange in

    Commentary: Alibaba's most innovative move to date? Jack Ma's graceful corporate exit

    In another display of being ahead of the curve, Ma shifts from dynastic leadership to professional management to sustain his legacy.
  6. Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in's latest summit has breathed new momentum into denuclearisation

    Commentary: Here are the real reasons why Kim Jong Un wants an end to the Korean War

    There are serious risks of a premature peace declaration, says one observer at the Brookings Institution.
  7. bathroom weighing scale

    Commentary: Fight anorexia by confronting the fear of weight gain

    There is an urgent need to understand the condition of anorexia better, as treatments to deal with it have had little effect, says one observer.
  8. Online success stories like ride-sharing app Uber and Airbnb have caused major disruptions in

    Commentary: Creepy friendliness yet great convenience, what passengers love and hate about ride-sharing services

    Love it or hate it, the fact is, most people can't do without ride-sharing services these days, says one observer.
  9. Rice plantation in the northern Philippines were devastated by Super Typhoon Mangkhut

    Commentary: Typhoon Mangkhut destroys rice, corn and fish – but what has this got to do with Singapore?

    The strongest storm so far this year to hit Asia may lead to huge losses in food production that affects countries including Singapore, says one ...
  10. China has struggled to steer its giant economy through a slowdown

    Commentary: Copycat no more? China’s emergence as a global innovator

    The growth of research and development in the country is a much needed strategy to cushion the country from the effects of a trade war, says one ...

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