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  1. FILE PHOTO: Illustration picture of social audio app Clubhouse

    Commentary: What's behind new social media app Clubhouse's huge appeal

    In a world where we are fed material based on algorithms, to be an exclusive part of an intimate community will always have a place in a crowded ...
  2. COVID-19 Masked People East Coast Park 3

    Commentary: The awkward adventures of a Singaporean urbanite in a city in nature

    Singaporeans really love nature, but the majority of us probably love the idea of nature more than its reality, says CNA’s Erin Low.
  3. A cashier serves a customer behind a plastic protection shield at a supermarket in Coueron near Nan

    Commentary: Is higher inflation just around the corner?

    Longer-term inflation risks are skewed much more to the upside than markets or policymakers seem to realise, says Kenneth Rogoff.
  4. FILE PHOTO: Members of K-pop boy band BTS pose for photographs during a news conference  in Seoul

    Commentary: As Big Hit searches for the next big thing, are there too many K-pop groups?

    While BTS and big labels look towards the future, questions arise about the sustainability of K-pop’s growth, says Steven Borowiec.
  5. FILE PHOTO: Dubai Marathon

    Commentary: The rise of the super shoe and how endurance runners are smashing records

    The development of so-called super shoes is driving a spike of record toppling in endurance running, says a sports scientist.
  6. FILE PHOTO: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccination campaign in Calais

    Commentary: World needs a lot more COVID-19 vaccine doses than this

    Such an approach is essential, because reopening the global economy requires containing the coronavirus everywhere, says Oxford University's ...
  7. The Chinese national flag is seen in Beijing, China

    Commentary: China’s divide-and-conquer strategy isn’t fooling anyone anymore

    Recent actions involving Australia and New Zealand reveal the country’s modus operandi can be effective but will have broader, corrosive ...
  8. dover forest jan 2021

    Commentary: Planting trees is a safe climate action but are its benefits inflated?

    With reforestation becoming a popular choice for companies and governments’ sustainability programmes, misconceptions abound over what makes tree ...
  9. FILE PHOTO: The U.S. Capitol dome is pictured ahead of a vote on the additional funding for the cor

    Commentary: Have governments spent too much money to save economies?

    As policymakers eye a possible recovery in 2021-2022, they must be vigilant about the side effects of prolonged monetary and fiscal stimulus, say ...
  10. Myanmar has been plunged into an overnight internet blackout two nights in a row as the ruling junta

    Commentary: Myanmar protesters play cat and mouse as military shuts down online platforms

    Myanmar’s internet-savvy younger generation is finding ways around communication blackouts almost as quickly as restrictions are imposed, says a ...