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  1. File photo of students wearing face masks in Malaysia

    Commentary: E-learning sees no smooth sailing in Malaysia and Indonesia

    Many in rural Southeast Asia do not have access to the Internet and electronic devices, says an observer.
  2. FILE PHOTO: A man walks in a corridor near a sign with instructions about the coronavirus and socia

    Commentary: Social distancing works, even if it doesn't immediately show results

    Staying at home is one of the most effective ways to slow the spread of COVID-19, says epidemiologist Abram Wagner.
  3. Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group

    Commentary: China billionaires a force to be reckoned with in global COVID-19 fight - and more

    The response by Chinese donors to this pandemic so far illustrates how the country's philanthropy is beginning to go global, say observers.
  4. fairpirce warehouse

    Commentary: Has COVID-19 made e-commerce and online shopping the new normal?

    As the coronavirus outbreak rages, will this shift towards online shopping, food delivery and e-groceries be permanent? SUSS’ Chong Guan and ...
  5. An empty street is seen in front of Petronas Twin Towers after Malaysia's government announced

    Commentary: COVID-19 slaps a stress test on the Malaysian economy

    Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s government must balance relief for Malaysians’ financial pain against tackling the deeper weaknesses of the ...
  6. Xi Jinping

    Commentary: China's COVID-19 push for global influence

    This coronavirus outbreak, China has kept its eye on the prize of displacing the US as the go-to major power in global crises, says Ramesh Thakur.
  7. SAF enlistees at the oath taking ceremony with safe distancing

    Commentary: We cannot allow COVID-19 to disrupt our relationships too

    Perhaps the social disruptions of COVID-19 will eventually enable us to build stronger social relationships, says Annie Tan.
  8. A trader shows U.S. dollar notes at a currency exchange booth in Karachi

    Commentary: Pakistan has a bold, work-in-progress emergency cash transfer plan for the unbanked

    Pakistan is using technology to distribute emergency support as part of its coronavirus stimulus. But its criteria for eligibility must be more ...
  9. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Ronda

    Commentary: How to show affection - from a safe distance

    In an attempt to avoid each other, our normal exchanges have become less intimate, but maybe what we need is just that one sign of solidarity, ...
  10. FILE PHOTO: A woman wearing a mask checks her mobile phone in Shanghai

    Commentary: In the time of COVID-19, China is revolutionising deliveries and e-commerce

    China is re-inventing ways to make online shopping more fun, and it's proving very successful in this coronavirus outbreak, say two researchers.