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  1. Biden

    Commentary: Things are falling apart for US President Joe Biden

    Biden’s coming tribulations — the grinding to a halt of most of his reform bills, the stubbornness of COVID-19 and worries about the murder rate ...
  2. Tokyo Olympics Skateboarding

    Commentary: Five new sports were added to Tokyo Olympics. Here’s what might be included next

    The Olympics has a long and storied history. It has been accused of having bloated budgets and catering to money rather than sports. But exactly ...
  3. People shop for fish at a wet market in Singapore

    Commentary: Plenty of fish in the sea? Seafood-loving Singapore may not have its fill in the future

    With all the stresses on the seafood industry, it’s time to think about the bigger questions during our trips to the market, says NTU’s William Chen.
  4. A coal plant in Banten, Indonesia. About 60 percent of electricity is generated by coal in Asia

    Commentary: Is carbon neutrality possible for coal-addicted Indonesia?

    State utility company PLN has pledged carbon neutrality by 2060, but the pledge merits greater scrutiny, says a researcher.
  5. The Olympic torch is being carried on a nationwide relay across Japan

    Commentary: Toned-down Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony can set new standard for future games

    The hope is the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony will be a humble reminder of what the games are truly about rather than a wasteful display of ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: A man looks on from a balcony of an apartment building near the Sydney Opera House

    Commentary: Australia’s high-rise apartment block lockdowns could have been avoided

    With low vaccination rates and slow restrictions when outbreaks occur, it’s little wonder why apartment blocks can be lightning rods in Australia, ...
  7. Indonesia experiences oxygen supply shortage amid surge of COVID-19 cases, in Jakarta

    Commentary: Southeast Asia is buckling under a second year of COVID-19

    COVID-19 is a sustained test of state capacity, and Southeast Asian countries are faring poorly, says a doctor.
  8. Olympics Tokyo Torch Relay Start

    Commentary: How Tokyo Olympics moved from a story of Japan's renewal to become a litmus test for leaders

    The story that Japan wants to tell the world has shifted profoundly from when it won the bid in 2013 to host the 2020 games, say researchers.
  9. South Korea China Tokyo Olympics Soccer

    Commentary: Olympic football matters more than most people think – at least for Asian teams

    Although the UEFA World Cup and the European Championships are more prestigious competitions in the football sporting calendar, the Olympics is ...
  10. Muhyiddin Yassin and Agong

    Commentary: Malaysia king’s role comes into sharper focus as country sails through bleakest COVID-19 days

    Might Malaysia’s royal fraternity be the people’s only hope? Malaysians will watch next week’s parliament first, says ISEAS-Yusof Ishak ...