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  1. FILE PHOTO: People walk over Westminster Bridge, amid COVID-19 pandemic, in London

    Commentary: Mask-wearing was unnecessarily delayed in Western countries. Its withdrawal is also premature

    Masks have been proven to work against the spread of COVID-19, yet in some countries, poor policy has led to unnecessary hardship, says an Oxford ...
  2. vtwhiteflag 03

    Commentary: A different Malaysia may emerge from the ashes of its COVID-19 crisis

    COVID-19 has placed the issue of inequality centre-stage, bringing longstanding divides to the surface, but in a manner that differs starkly from ...
  3. APTOPIX Virus Outbreak Britain

    Commentary: Looks like the UK is surrendering to COVID-19, not living with it

    Removing all restrictions is a guaranteed strategy for mass infections and it's foolhardy, says the Financial Times' Anjana Ahuja.
  4. FILE PHOTO: Empty chairs are seen on a beach which is usually full of tourists, amid fear of corona

    Commentary: Can Phuket's sandbox be a model for vaccine tourism?

    Phuket opened to tourists despite COVID-19 deaths surging on the mainland. But the sandbox provides lessons for other tourist-friendly countries ...
  5. Russia Afghanistan Taliban

    Commentary: As US withdraws, Russia confronts an awkward dilemma in Afghanistan

    For Russia, Afghanistan has posed a conundrum, requiring it to work with many regional players to keep the Taliban in check, says NTU’s ...
  6. piano elderly

    Commentary: Music, a powerful medium that can move the memory of people with dementia

    One of the most devastating aspects of dementia is that an individual loses precious memory and with that, their identity. But music can be a balm ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: A woman wearing a face mask pushes a shopping cart at a Tesco supermarket in Hatfield

    Commentary: Should you need to show your vaccination status to enter a supermarket?

    If UK ministers think vaccine passports are the right step, they should have the guts to enact it, rather than relying on others to make unpopular ...
  8. An Asian man works at home.

    Commentary: Mediocre workers have nowhere to hide - even if working from home

    Employers may suggest homeworking suits the ‘least engaged’ but physical presence does not equal competence, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.
  9. (Illustration: iStock)

    Commentary: A pity China can’t seem to ditch its wolf warrior diplomacy

    Despite recent exhortations from President Xi to tone down their language, China’s wolf warriors are here to stay. Their effects are not all ...
  10. Tokyo Olympics

    Commentary: COVID-19 is making the Tokyo Olympics a logistical nightmare

    From megalitres of hand sanitiser to millions of disposable masks, the Tokyo Olympics is proving to be a test of global logistics, say researchers.