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  1. A child studying

    Commentary: A wake-up call, when a disadvantaged child gets 8 out of 100 for an exam

    Uplifting disadvantaged children requires us to create ecosystems of support and actively facilitate their access to this support, says Cindy Ng.
  2. cyber insurance

    Commentary: As digital threats multiply, will cyber insurance take off?

    Smart home technologies may be vulnerable to hackers, yet many don’t have insurance to protect themselves against this rising threat, says one ...
  3. A sign is pictured on an electric car charging station at the United Nations in Geneva

    Commentary: New electric vehicle highway in Australia warmly welcomed

    Highways with electric vehicle fast-charging stations built closer to each other would ease "range anxiety", says one observer.
  4. The retail sector, which China is counting on to propel it to consumption-fuelled development, was

    Commentary: The vast global impact of an inevitable Chinese recession

    Some estimates suggest the pain of an economic slowdown in China will be confined. This is wishful thinking, says Kenneth Rogoff.
  5. LA changi T5 13

    Commentary: With more ultra long-haul flights, will globe-trotting travellers bypass Changi Airport?

    Amid a global spending spree on long-haul flights and airport upgrading, will Singapore see a dip in arrivals? One aviation expert explores the ...
  6. Democratic Leader Pelosi remarks on Midterm Election results

    Commentary: Why the Democrats didn’t do better in the midterms

    The blue wave that the Democrats were hoping for never came. Instead the midterm result was a "blue splash" and an ordinary outcome, says one ...
  7. Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index has had a rollercoaster ride since hitting its peak in 2007, before

    Commentary: Getting ahead of the next Asian financial crisis requires stronger institutions

    Keeping financial risks in check and strengthen relationships to mitigate the next Asian financial crisis, says one observer.
  8. spoons and teaspoons

    Commentary: The curious case of teaspoons going missing in the office pantry

    Once upon a time, a group of disheartened scientists found their tearoom bereft of teaspoons.
  9. Sick with  the flu? You should have gotten a vaccination.

    Commentary: Flu vaccine not effective? Think again

    Common misperceptions about the effectiveness of the flu vaccine is one reason holding us back from getting vaccinated, says the Saw Swee Hock ...
  10. International Monetary Fund warned world leaders that protectionist measures will not work

    Commentary: Ready or not, Globalisation 4.0 is upon us

    New global norms, standards, policies, and conventions are needed to safeguard public trust, says Klaus Schwab.

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