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  1. Online shopping Singapore

    Commentary: What taxation for the digital age ought to consider

    Taxing businesses based on revenue rather than income will result in an intolerably heavier tax burden for enterprises with low profits and high ...
  2. A worker walks near a prototype for U.S. President Donald Trump's border wall, as seen through

    Commentary: When doors to migration slam shut

    Rather than fund walls, nations should address migration's root causes, one observer points out.
  3. depression cognitive behaviour therapy

    Commentary: From sick care to ‘well care’, here’s how to end the mental health stigma

    Each dollar invested in treatment for depression and anxiety can generate a return of four times more in terms of improved well-being and ...
  4. marie-kondo-facebook

    Commentary: Marie Kondo has taught me I need 21 pairs of jeans

    Marie Kondo's advice to throw everything that doesn't spark joy out is unnerving, says Financial Times' Jo Ellison.
  5. Visitors at the Stirling Residences showflat

    Commentary: Who’s buying private property after last year’s cooling measures?

    Actually, there is some resilience in the demand for private property in Singapore among specific groups of buyers, says Senior Director and Head, ...
  6. Dumbbells at a gym

    Commentary: Getting the most out of your gym membership

    Take a simple approach when choosing what to do at the gym, says one observer.
  7. Donna Strickland, associate professor at the University of Waterloo, is just the third woman in

    Commentary: Don't rush, give scientists time to make discoveries

    Funding and time should be given to scientists to pursue curiosity-based, long-term research, says winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Donna ...
  8. Japan was the original Asian tiger, with growth surging at an average 9.0 percent annually between

    Commentary: Japan, the unlikely Asian overachiever

    Japan’s economy is set to grow by 12% from now until 2030 – despite forecasts showing it will lose more 10% of its working-age population, one ...
  9. NUS graduates at commencement ceremony

    Commentary: Action and caution needed, as business schools respond to disruption

    Changes in the business school modus operandi have been underway for years before disruption was a buzzword, say NUS Business School’s Ang Swee ...
  10. Marie Kondo commentary header

    Commentary: If you don’t learn to love tidying up, Marie Kondo can’t save you

    Just as you wouldn’t need a doctor to tell you to take a shower, no cleaning guru (or Netflix show) should have to tell you to keep your home tidy.

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