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DBS branch in Hong Kong not damaged by fire seen in online video

DBS branch in Hong Kong not damaged by fire seen in online video

Videos and photographs of the incident circulated on social media show a blaze engulfing a unit next to a DBS branch in Hong Kong.

SINGAPORE: A DBS bank branch in Hong Kong was not damaged by a fire that broke out in a neighbouring unit. 

Replying to CNA's queries on Wednesday (Nov 13), a spokesperson from the Singapore bank added that the employees of the branch were safe. 

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A video of the fire, which lasts for more than a minute, shows a shop unit next to a DBS branch engulfed in flames. A crowd is also seen standing in front of the burning unit, eventually making way for a fire engine arriving at the scene at the end of the video. 

The fire happened on Yee Wo Street in Causeway Bay on Tuesday night. One person is seen in the video trying to extinguish the flames with a bucket of water. 

According to, protesters had set fire to the unit at around 11pm. 

Thick smoke rose up all the way to the top of the residential building and explosions were also heard during the incident, reported the local news outlet. 

Firefighters took around five minutes to extinguish the flames. 

The unidentified shop, which had no signboard, was boarded up before the fire, reported

When CNA arrived at the scene on Wednesday evening, the bank outlet was temporarily closed from 4pm. 

A notice posted on the glass window said that customers were advised to use online or mobile banking services. 

Only the bank's exterior seemed to be affected by the blaze. (Photo: Afifah Ariffin)

Access to the ATM machine outside the branch, which is normally 24/7, was also temporarily unavailable. 

Only the bank exterior seemed to be affected by the blaze. 

A notice posted on the glass window of the bank. (Photo: Afifah Ariffin)

Protests in Hong Kong continue to cause widespread disruption. On Wednesday, it was announced that there will be a suspension of classes on Thursday due to "transportation and safety reasons"

This comes after protesters fought intense battles with riot police on a university campus on Tuesday night. 

The epicentre was the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the New Territories where the usually placid hillside grounds were turned into a battlefield for hours.

This was part of the largely anonymous protest movement's new strategy of "blossom everywhere", in which small groups of people target as many parts of the city as possible to cause maximum disruption and stretch police resources.

Additional reporting by Afifah Ariffin. 

Source: CNA/ad


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