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Duterte spars with Pacquiao over South China Sea

Duterte spars with Pacquiao over South China Sea

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte delivers his State of the Nation address at the House of Representatives in Quezon City, Metro Manila, on Jul 23, 2018. (File photo: Reuters/Czar Dancel)

MANILA: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has stoked a feud with boxer Manny Pacquiao by criticising his "shallow" foreign policy knowledge, after the senator and eight-division champion said that he found the leader's stand on the South China Sea was "lacking".

In a late-night interview with the SMNI news channel on Tuesday (Jun 8), Duterte said that Pacquiao, a senator and close ally, should "study first" before weighing in.

Pacquiao stood his ground and hit back on Wednesday, when he said that the country should pursue dialogue over disputes, but "stand strong in protecting our sovereign rights".

"I am a Filipino voicing out what needs to be said in defence of what has been adjudicated as rightfully ours," Pacquiao said, referring to a 2016 international arbitral ruling won by the Philippines in a case against China.

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Though Duterte is hugely popular at home, he has been widely criticised for refusing to confront China over the conduct of its military, coast guard and fishing fleet, which he has repeatedly said would be pointless.

The Philippine defence and diplomatic establishment has spoken out strongly of late over the constant presence of hundreds of Chinese vessels in the Philippines' Exclusive Economic Zone, which they say are manned by militias. China has denied that.

Duterte has said that the Philippines owes China a "huge debt" of gratitude for its support in other areas, remarks that did not sit well with Pacquiao.

Pacquiao, 42, had last month said that he found Duterte's stance to be "lacking" and "disheartening".

The comments were a surprise, as Pacquiao has long been among Duterte's strongest backers, including over his bloody war on drugs and bid to re-introduce the death penalty.

"I respect the president's opinion but humbly disagree with his assessment of my understanding of foreign policy," said Pacquiao, who is rumoured to be considering running for the presidency next year.

Source: Reuters/kg


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