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Indonesian journalist hit by rubber bullet while covering protests in Hong Kong

Indonesian journalist hit by rubber bullet while covering protests in Hong Kong

Veby Mega Indah receives medical attention after she was hit by a rubber bullet in Wan Chai, on Sep 29, 2019. (Photo: AFP/Isaac Lawrence)

HONG KONG: An Indonesian journalist was hit by a rubber bullet while covering protests in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district on Sunday (Sep 29).

Veby Mega Indah was shot in the face in the middle of broadcasting a Facebook live video for Suara, an Indonesian newspaper in the city. A photo posted on Twitter showed her on the ground with a bandage around her eye as she receives medical attention.

"It is reported that the journalist immediately received treatment from the medical team and was rushed to the hospital," Consul-General Ricky Suhendar said in a statement. A team from the Consulate-General was also sent to the hospital to assist Veby, he added.

Veby Mega Indah was hit in the face with a projectile fired by police during clashes with protesters on Sep 29, 2019. (Photo: AFP/Isaac Lawrence)

"Right now Veby is conscious and being treated by doctors. The Consulate General will continue to accompany her while she remains in the hospital," he said. 

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On Monday, Veby's condition had stabilised and she is gradually recovering, Indonesian foreign ministry director for citizen protection, Judha Nugraha, told The Jakarta Post.

He added that Indonesian officials had met with Hong Kong authorities to request an official report on the incident and advised Indonesians to stay away from sites of mass gatherings and to refrain from participating in any political activities.

Anis Hidayah, director of the NGO Migrant Care, was quoted by The Jakarta Post as saying that the Hong Kong government should take responsibility for and “take swift action to investigate” the incident.

Live footage taken by Veby shows an overhead bridge where riot police and reporters had gathered. 

She is filming as a group of protesters approach and the police go down a flight of stairs while shooting in the direction of the protesters and reporters. 

Then the screen shakes and other reporters gather around her, shouting, before all goes black.

Sunday's clashes began mid-afternoon and continued late into the night, as thousands of masked protesters roamed the streets, facing off against riot police amid plumes of tear gas and raging fires.

The weekend has seen some of the worst and most widespread violence in more than three months of anti-government demonstrations in Hong Kong ahead of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic on Tuesday.

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Source: Reuters/cna/ga(hm)


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