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Indonesia tsunami: 5-year-old boy rescued alive from car wreck

Indonesia tsunami: 5-year-old boy rescued alive from car wreck

Five-year-old Ali was pulled out of a car that was wrecked by debris from a fallen building. (Image: Screengrab from Instagram/@reezaherasbudi)

BANTEN, Indonesia: A five-year-old boy was rescued from a wrecked car in the town of Banten in Java, after being trapped for 12 hours following a tsunami that ravaged the archipelago on Saturday (Dec 22).

According to The Mirror, rescuers discovered the boy after hearing his cries.

A video uploaded on Instagram by user @reezaherasbudi showed rescuers pulling rubble off a wrecked car. Speaking to the camera, an officer identified the place as Mutiara Hotel at Carita Beach.

“Under there are two people we are trying to evacuate,” the officer said in the video. “Please pray that we are able to evacuate them safely.”

The video’s caption confirmed that the boy, named Ali, was rescued.

Another Instagram video showed how officers looked into the wreck with flashlights, eventually managing to free Ali from the rubble. The boy was later seen clinging to the officer who rescued him.

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Aside from a few scratches, he appeared to be unharmed.

The video’s caption revealed that he had been trapped under debris from a fallen building for 12 hours.

There is currently no information regarding the other person in the car.

At least 281 people were killed and more than 800 were injured after the devastating tsunami that hit the coast of southern Sumatra and the western tip of Java on Saturday.

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Rescue operations are still ongoing.

The tsunami appeared to have been triggered by an eruption from the Anak Krakatoa volcano. Experts warned that more tidal waves may strike Indonesia as volcanic activity  continues.

Source: CNA/ga(hm)


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