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Korean YouTube star Boram, 6, buys five-storey building for US$8 million: Reports

Korean YouTube star Boram, 6, buys five-storey building for US$8 million: Reports

Korean YouTube star Boram, 6, has bought a five-storey building in Seoul. (Screengrab: Boram Tube Vlog)

SINGAPORE: Korean YouTube star Boram and her family have bought a five-storey building in Seoul’s Gangnam district for 9.5 billion won (US$8.05 million), it was reported on Wednesday (Jul 24).

The six-year-old has more than 30 million subscribers on two YouTube channels. Her Boram Tube Vlog channel has attracted 17.6 million subscribers and her Boram Tube Toys Review channel has 13.6 million subscribers.

She is one of the most followed Korean YouTube creators, the Korea Times reported, adding that her combined monthly sales are worth about 3.7 billion won.

The building sitting on 258.3 sqm of land in Gangnam was bought on Apr 3 by the company Boram Family, which runs her YouTube channels, Maeil Business Newspaper first reported.

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The news has revived past accusations that Boram was abused by her parents, the Korea Herald reported.

In September 2017, a children's charity pressed charges against Boram’s guardians for "gaining financial profit by putting the children in situations that could put them under mental distress and distributing the footage to the public, with a negatively influence on underage viewers who watch the clips", said the Herald. 

The videos in the charges, which showed the child stealing money from her father’s wallet, damaging her favourite doll and pretending to give birth, were made private after public outrage. Her parents also apologised to the public.

The Seoul Family Court upheld the charity’s accusations. 

Source: CNA/mi


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