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Vehicles with unpaid fines banned from Singapore: Malaysia seeks further discussion, says minister

Vehicles with unpaid fines banned from Singapore: Malaysia seeks further discussion, says minister

The traffic during morning peak hour at Tuas immigration checkpoint. (Photo: Howard Law)

PENANG: Malaysia will hold further discussions with Singapore after the latter country announced a future ban on foreign vehicles with outstanding fines, said Malaysia's Deputy Foreign Minister Marzuki Yahya on Sunday (Feb 3). 

"We understand the ban has been issued effective April 1, 2019. We are in the process of discussion with Singapore and we need to discuss further on the matter," he told reporters after an event in the Penang town of Batu Kawan. 

"We have our own method to discuss this matter with Singapore. The discussion will be conducted simultaneously with the bilateral meeting with the republic later," he added.

Marzuki was speaking in response to Johor International Trade, Investment and Utility Committee chairman Jimmy Puah, who said on Saturday that Malaysia had the right to make the same rule. 

Earlier on Saturday, Singapore authorities had announced that foreign vehicles with outstanding fines for traffic, parking or vehicular emissions offences may be denied entry from Apr 1. 

They said that motorists of foreign vehicles have so far accumulated about 400,000 outstanding fines amounting to S$32 million. 

"About 60,000 foreign vehicles enter Singapore daily. The majority of foreign motorists are law abiding," said the agencies that included the Singapore Police Force and Land Transport Authority. 

On Sunday, Marzuki also said that the series of discussions between Malaysia and Singapore on bilateral issues, specifically involving airspace and harbour limits, had shown positive developments.

"We had a meeting on the matters with the Singapore representatives who came to Wisma Putra last week and the results are very good.

"We will continue the discussion on a date to be decided later with the possibility the meeting will be held in Singapore," he said.


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