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Malaysian Malays need to change attitude, seize work opportunities: PM Mahathir

Malaysian Malays need to change attitude, seize work opportunities: PM Mahathir

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. (File photo: Bernama)

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Friday (Sep 6) reminded Malaysian Malays of the importance of hard work for success and to seize job opportunities.

"There are some who claim that Malays are the master. What master? Poor people, people who lack capability, people who depend on the sympathy of other people. Is that master?” he said in a post titled “Not Working” on his blog Chedet.

“By right the Malays should realise what is happening to them. Unfortunately, they have not realised. Even until now Malays are not aware. They still refuse to work. The Malays are still willing to surrender all work to foreigners.

“And foreigners have flooded our country. Seven million foreigners are still here. They work. What will happen to the Malays?” he said.

Dr Mahathir emphasised that the future of Malaysian Malays can be determined only by themselves.

"Our fate is in our own hands. Getting angry with other people will not solve our problems. Our number is said to have increased but a big number of poor people cannot compete with a small number of rich people,” the prime minister said.

Dr Mahathir recalled his younger days in Alor Setar during the British era, and how the local Malays seemed satisfied with trading part-time and unwilling to expand their businesses.

Malays at that time were comfortable because the dirty and dangerous jobs were done by foreigners, he said, adding that they were not bothered by the wealth and progress made by those foreigners.

"Their belief was that their state remains under their ownership. That was what I saw ... but their thinking was wrong. Because they were not willing to work hard, to do business seriously, they remained poor.

"The gap between them and other races who worked hard and did business became wider. What happened was the rich became richer and the poor Malays became poorer,” he said.


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