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Singaporean woman's husband killed during Phuket resort fight

Singaporean woman's husband killed during Phuket resort fight

File photo from a viewpoint in Karon, Phuket. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons / ADwarf)

PHUKET: The husband of a Singaporean woman was killed on Wednesday (Aug 21) after a fight with a fellow guest at a resort in Karon, Phuket.

The British national was on holiday with his Singaporean wife and son when he got into an altercation with another resort guest from Norway.

Police Major Techin Deethongon from Karon police station confirmed the identity of the British victim as Amitpal Singh Bajaj and the Norwegian national as 54-year-old Roger Bullman. 

"They stayed next to each other. The British national stayed in Room 345 and the Norwegian national stayed in Room 344," he said.

The incident was sparked by Bullman singing on the balcony at about 1am to 2am and he was confronted by the British man, the police officer explained.

"The husband came out to complain about the loud noise because the couple has a young child. They then started wrangling," Maj Deethongon added.

"Later, the Norwegian national kicked open the wooden door on the balcony separating their rooms and they fought."

The British man was subsequently killed in a choke hold, the police officer said.

"During interrogation, the Norwegian national claimed he was doing so to stop the other from moving but did not intend to kill him," Maj Deethongon said.

Bullman has been detained at the Phuket court.

"Whether or not he would be released on bail depends on the judge," said the officer. "Charges will include trespassing at night and causing grievous bodily harm resulting in death."

Source: CNA/nc(mi)


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