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Taiwanese ‘Pokemon Go grandpa’ levels up with 30 phones to catch them all

Taiwanese ‘Pokemon Go grandpa’ levels up with 30 phones to catch them all

These video screengrabs show Chen San-yuan playing Pokemon Go on 30 smartphones.

TAIPEI: An elderly Taiwanese man who first found Internet fame for playing Pokemon Go with multiple mobile phones strapped to his bicycle has raised his game with an even bigger set-up. 

Chen San-yuan, affectionately referred to as “Pokemon Go grandpa”, has been seen recently with 30 smartphones on his bicycle.

A video circulating on social media shows him pausing on his bicycle to methodically spin Poke Stops on each screen. The locations of the virtual Poke Stops correspond to real landmarks, which encourage Pokemon Go trainers to take to the streets in order to gather more "resources". 

By spinning or interacting with Poke Stops, players obtain 50 experience points as well vital items. 

The Pokemon Go enthusiast, who is in his 70s, started out with only six phones strapped to his bicycle. He has steadily increased that number and earlier this year, he was spotted with more than 20 phones on a new frame.

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According to a report by Mashable Southeast Asia in March, Chen’s enthusiasm for the popular mobile game caught the attention of Taiwan-based multinational computer and phone hardware company Asus.

The technology giant made the him the ambassador of their Asus ZenFone series, and gave him 22 Asus ZenFone Max Pros for his hobby.

Chen San-yuan was made the face of Asus' ZenFone series. (Photo: Twitter/SCMcrocodile)

“There’s a lot of fun, I can connect with people, prevent Alzheimer’s disease," Chen was quoted saying of the mobile game. 

The Asus ZenFone ambassador poses next to his bicycle. (Photo: Twitter/SCMcrocodile)

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The augmented reality mobile game, which was developed by American software company Niantic, has been downloaded more than 800 million times since it was launched about three years ago.

It continues to be played by roughly 5 million people on a daily basis and has continued to stoke the flames of Pokemon fever worldwide.

Source: CNA/zl(gs)


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