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Tigers spotted in Terengganu could be pets: Malaysian Wildlife Department

Tigers spotted in Terengganu could be pets: Malaysian Wildlife Department

Screengrab of a tiger on a road in Terengganu. (Image: Twitter/PERHILITAN)

KUALA TERENGGANU: The two tigers spotted in Terengganu on Thursday (Jul 18) are most likely someone's pets, said Terengganu Wildlife and National Parks Department (PERHILITAN) director Dr Abdul Malek Mohd Yusof.

Dr Abdul Malek also said that the tigers’ tame behaviour indicate that they may have been set free by their owner to wander in the jungle before they got lost and entered the village.

“We also believe that the tame behaviour displayed by the tigers is probably due to an illness as they appeared less energetic.

“However, we cannot confirm this as the tigers are still at large,” he told reporters at the village.

About 20 PERHILITAN employees were deployed to capture the tigers and several traps were set up, said Dr Abdul Malek.

He also advised villagers to stop any outdoor or jungle activities to avoid being potential victims of a tiger attack.

“If you stumble upon the animal, don’t try to get close to it because if it feels threatened, it might attack,” he said.

In an update on Friday evening, PERHILITAN said that it has managed to capture one of the two tigers.

The animal is in good health and is currently being observed by officers and veterinarians, PERHILITAN said in a Facebook post.

It added that the tiger will be transferred to the department headquarters as soon as possible.

The search is ongoing for the remaining tiger, which is believed to be in the jungle.

This is the third such incident in Terengganu.

In November 2018, a black panther died after being hit by a car at Km356, East Coast Highway phase 2 (LPT2) near Dungun.

In February 2016, a tiger died after being hit by a multi-purpose vehicle in an accident at Km321.2 East Coast Highway (LPT2) near Kemaman.


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