Biography of the Author Margaret Thomas

Margaret Thomas

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Women holding the Singapore national flag pose for a photograph at the Merlion Park

    Commentary: Goodbye to those days, when women were 'pieces of meat for men to slice'

    Parliament’s passing of the Women’s Charter in 1961 was groundbreaking but the women’s movement has since stalled – until the recent announcement ...
  2. Assorted undergarments found in the man's possession

    Commentary: Why would anyone steal underwear – and flout circuit breaker restrictions to do that?

    The needs that drive people to such acts, if unchecked, can lead to much more serious sexual crimes, says President of AWARE Margaret Thomas.
  3. HK women

    Commentary: For women of different cultures, classes, backgrounds and age – it’s still a man’s world

    On International Women’s Day, nine women say what they have in common is their experience of an environment that is still largely a man’s world.