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  1. US President Donald Trump proclaims friendship with China's President Xi Jinping but their

    Commentary: Beijing would prefer another term of Trump chaos to a Biden presidency

    The fact that Beijing prefers someone who attacks China as part of his campaign strategy shows how bad Sino-US relations have become, says the ...
  2. Officials sing the national anthem at the closing session of the National People's Congress (N

    Commentary: China’s Communist party will survive COVID-19

    Even though China is seeing soaring unemployment and stuttering growth, social unrest is unlikely, says the Financial Times’ Jamil Anderlini.
  3. Hong Kong protesters set a van ablaze

    Commentary: How violence and brazen actions in Hong Kong were normalised

    The unfolding developments in Hong Kong over the last few days demonstrate how fragile societies can be, says the Financial Times’ Jamil Anderlini.
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    Commentary: Carrie Lam is playing a high-risk game with Hong Kong protests

    Already perceived as a lame duck, allowing the city’s parliament to be overrun only strengthens the perception of her weakness, says the Financial ...
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: China has overestimated Trump’s desperation to do a deal

    Beijing miscalculated the depth of frustration and anger in Washington, says the Financial Times' Jamil Anderlini.
  6. Kim Jong Un

    Commentary: Kim Jong Un outmanoeuvred Donald Trump in Singapore

    Regardless of what may follow after the Singapore summit, Kim Jong Un has shown himself to be the cannier deal maker, says Financial Times' Jamil ...
  7. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: Kim Jong Un offers Donald Trump his ‘Nixon in China’ moment

    The meeting may prove a historic opportunity at rapprochement between two sworn enemies, says an observer at the Financial Times.