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Mark Cenite

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. FILE PHOTO: The logos of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google

    Commentary: One of Big Tech’s biggest critics is now its regulator. This has implications for users globally

    The Biden administration's choice to lead a federal agency could bring changes for users of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, says NTU’s Mark Cenite
  2. The independent oversight board created by Facebook will decide on whether to affirm the former US

    Commentary: Donald Trump once again plays a favourite role, the victim of Big Tech

    Facebook’s new Oversight Board’s decision to extend the ban on former President Trump’s account gives him the attention he craves and Facebook the ...
  3. Zuckerberg and Trump

    Commentary: Facebook’s eleventh-hour suspension of Trump’s account raises questions about its motives

    Facebook’s decision to deplatform the president “indefinitely” appears altruistic but the company’s track record suggests another explanation, ...
  4. Facebook was still surprised to see two countries fighting head-on in a third region

    Commentary: Imagine a world with more than one Facebook. Here’s why you can’t

    The antitrust cases brought against Facebook raise disturbing examples of how it diminished options for users, says NTU’s Mark Cenite
  5. The world's biggest social network first began looking into its influence on elections after

    Commentary: Facebook’s safeguards for the US election are the right move

    But its platforms’ new steps against election interference are unlikely to satisfy critics, says NTU’s Mark Cenite.
  6. FILE PHOTO: A 3D printed Facebook logo

    Commentary: Facebook’s decision to resist advertiser boycott could pay off in the long run

    An advertiser boycott, “Stop Hate for Profit”, pushed Facebook to take a step forward by labelling rather than deleting some posts, says NTU’s ...
  7. Zuckerberg and Trump

    Commentary: Is Facebook cosying up to US President Donald Trump?

    Facebook’s founder offers a principled defence of his decision to leave up a Donald Trump tweet about looting in the aftermath of protests against ...
  8. A clash between President Donald Trump and Twitter has escalated in recent days

    Commentary: Twitter may have just helped Trump get re-elected

    US President Donald Trump may not win his latest battle to change Twitter. But he may succeed in a broader strategy to cast himself as a victim of ...
  9. Facial-recognition gantry for office workers at Funan

    Commentary: How to make Singapore smile for the facial recognition camera

    Regulation, not a moratorium on facial recognition, may best address its risks, says Mark Cenite.
  10. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram phone apps

    Commentary: Antitrust law should change Facebook and Instagram’s relationship status

    If you want to break up with Facebook, one of the few alternatives is Instagram but Facebook owns it, says an observer from NTU’s Wee Kim Wee ...