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  1. The Big Read: Kids with special needs (3)

    The Big Read: Where kids with and without special needs learn together - and it's not in Singapore

    In Vancouver, British Columbia, kids like Josh and Ahmed get a shot at a normal school life, interacting with children without special needs.
  2. couple man and woman socialising flirting at a cafe

    The Big Read: Fast love – dating apps help busy Singaporeans find almost instant romance

    Dating apps simply provide a practical and useful channel to connect potential soul mates, many couples who found love through technology say.
  3. Singapore financial district

    The Big Read: Why Singapore has yet to become a cycling paradise — and it’s not just about the heat

    Experts say cycling as a mode of transport may not always be the most attractive option, when compared with other modes of transport over longer ...
  4. SDP's Chee thanks Bukit Batok residents

    The Big Read: Opposition parties banding together — a grand plan or a last throw of the dice?

    Seven opposition parties announced plans last weekend to form a coalition. But uniting behind a single vision and identity will be key to ...
  5. Grab Singapore

    The Big Read: When the music stops, Uber-less reality hits commuters and drivers

    Uber's exit and Grab’s subsequent moves in light of its new-found dominance have left many feeling hard done by.
  6. Bike abandoned in Pelton Canal near Aljunied Road

    The Big Read: The big stick approach is no panacea to errant bike parking

    Over the past year or so, the sight of shared bicycles strewn everywhere, sometimes in the most unlikely of places, has become an eyesore