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  1. President Donald Trump says the US and China are working on a new location for the signing of a

    Commentary: America’s strategic China blunder on trade and everything else

    A US-China Phase I trade deal will fix little if Washington continues to be caught in the grips of a problematic China narrative, says Yale ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Trump meets Xi at the G20 leaders summit in Osaka, Japan

    Commentary: The US and China would like nothing more than to end the trade war

    The politics of the trade war are now pointing toward de-escalation, but the economic struggle between the US and China will endure, says Stephen ...
  3. China's top trade negotiator, Vice Premier Liu He (L), has warned Beijing "must

    Commentary: The problem with a Phase One US-China trade deal

    Any Phase One agreement between the US and China regarding trade and currency will hurt more than help in addressing one of the world’s toughest ...
  4. Wind turbines and solar panels are seen at a wind and solar power plant in Zhangjiakou

    Commentary: A sustainable future increasingly looks more Chinese

    China is changing its economic model, shifting its sources of fuel, developing new transportation systems, and embracing eco-friendly ...
  5. US President Donald Trump accuses China of failing to make good on promises

    Commentary: There is no longer any doubt the US is pursuing containment of China

    Donald Trump’s administration is flailing at antiquated perceptions of the Old China that only compound the problems it claims to be addressing, ...
  6. A two-day summit of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will start Saturday in Bangkok,

    Commentary: In the eye of a trade war storm but China still takes the long view

    Chinese officials are not about to bet on the 2020 US presidential election in formulating their strategic response to the trade conflict, says ...
  7. Donald Trump and Xi Jinping

    Commentary: 'Villains' of American woes - Japan then, China now

    Back in the 1980s, Japan was portrayed as America’s greatest economic threat. Today’s that’s China, says Stephen S Roach.
  8. China's Deputy UN Ambassador Wu Haitao accused the United States of "prejudice" after

    Commentary: All this China bashing is an outgrowth of an insecure US

    America’s false narrative on China is fueling mutual suspicion, tension and conflict, says Yale University’s Stephen Roach.
  9. New Content Item

    Commentary: No more 10% growth for China but is 6% so bad?

    Commentators have highlighted the risks of the Chinese economy slowing down, pointing to signs of a middle-income trap, but such fears may be ...
  10. U.S.-China trade delegations hold trade talks at the White House in Washington

    Commentary: US trade negotiators risk underestimating China

    The US economy’s current strength appears fleeting. Its short-term resilience is already faltering and, in view of worrisome long-term ...