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  1. U.S.-China trade delegations hold trade talks at the White House in Washington

    Commentary: US trade negotiators risk underestimating China

    The US economy’s current strength appears fleeting. Its short-term resilience is already faltering and, in view of worrisome long-term ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: A cyclist passes the Federal Reserve building in Washington, DC

    Commentary: The Fed bravely attempts to fix a damaged US economy

    It is great to be a fan of the Fed again, says economist Stephen Roach.
  3. Donald Trump has frequently accused China of stealing US jobs through unfair trade practices and

    Commentary: An agenda for resolving the US-China conflict

    The upcoming G20 meeting between Trump and Xi will provide an opportunity for the world's two leading economies to reframe the trade conflict as a ...
  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: US Fed likely to further raise rates

    The road ahead is paved with higher inflation – and that’s something the US Federal Reserve must address, says former Chairman of Morgan Stanley ...
  5. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: As trade war looms, China’s growth strategy in great peril

    China, keen on great power status, must be strategic on global risks, avoiding resentment over export-led growth while rebalancing its economy.