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  1. Coffee Academics' Coffee Conette

    Where to find your next-level coffee fix in Singapore

    Go beyond the usual long blacks and lattes – have you tried an Espresso Tonic or a Coffee Conette?
  2. Hermes In Motion exhibition

    Hermes brings rare treasures from its archives to Singapore, including its very first scarf

    Hermes Heritage – In Motion will take you through the ages, providing a glimpse into its journey from harness-maker and saddler into the present-day.
  3. Devil Chicken Chop Shilin Singapore

    Shilin Singapore opens, offering an experience inspired by Taiwan’s famous night market

    There’s Devil Chicken Chop fried chicken, MilkShop bubble tea, carnival games, music, shopping and more.
  4. Tattoo chefs

    Kitchen Stories: The personal tales behind the tattoos of Singapore chefs

    CNA Lifestyle traces the personal and culinary journeys of three Singaporean chefs through their body art.
  5. how to beat your post holiday blues CNA Lifestyle

    Welcome home? Here's how to beat those terrible post-holiday blues

    We feel your pain. CNA Lifestyle has six tips for making yourself believe that you can hit reality running after an epic vacation.
  6. Doctors travel bag

    Which just-in-case meds should you always travel with? Take some tips from doctors

    Learn from the pros: We get doctors to tell us what's in their travel bags.
  7. Doggy cake pet

    'Barkday' cakes for dogs are getting increasingly popular – and their owners are having a slice too

    CNA Lifestyle takes a look at cakes and tarts for doggies, made with human-grade ingredients that account for health issues and dietary needs (of ...
  8. Pet photography tips

    Professional tips to take better photos of your pet on your phone

    Up your photo game, hooman! CNA Lifestyle learns the tricks of the trade from Furry Photos Pet Photography's Nicholas Lee.
  9. Sinfonia chili crab trofie

    Whole sea bass, bottarga and sea urchin: The Italian coast is calling at Sinfonia Ristorante

    CNA Lifestyle Experiences presents an exclusive five-course meal, complete with off-menu items, at Victoria Concert Hall with Sardinian-born chef ...
  10. Perfect burger date

    Hungry girl goes on blind dates with five new burgers in hopes of finding The One

    Does true burger love exist? Or is it just the stuff of well-curated social media profiles? CNA Lifestyle goes on the quest for the perfect burger.