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  1. Shabir Kollywood Singapore music composer actor Sagaa 3

    How COVID-19 motivated Singapore’s Kollywood hotshot to write Lockdown songs

    Singer-songwriter Shabir’s new Lockdown EP is a thoughtful response to the current situation – and disruption is ‘nothing new’ to music industries ...
  2. Hero Famous rats

    What do Shakespeare, The Rock and Sheila Sim have in common? They’re all Rats

    It’s the Year of the Rat, and if you are one or know one, it might surprise you to find that some of these famous people throughout history were ...
  3. Doctors travel bag

    Which just-in-case meds should you always travel with? Take some tips from doctors

    Learn from the pros: We get doctors to tell us what's in their travel bags.
  4. Zhang Zhen Huan girlfriend

    Zhang Zhen Huan confirms romantic relationship

    The actor posted a photo to Instagram that prompted congratulatory messages from fellow artistes.
  5. Cheap wedding dress. Coral Anne Tong. Photo Coral Anne Tong

    The brides who said no to an expensive dress - and looked beautiful anyway

    CNA Lifestyle puts the spotlight on five millennial brides who chose to walk down the aisle in affordable but chic dresses, and saved the money ...
  6. GrabHitch drivers secrets 1

    Choose me! The secrets of picky GrabHitch drivers revealed

    Wondering why you can never get a Hitch? Or how drivers choose their pickups? CNA Lifestyle discovers 6 surprising truths.
  7. Airplane fun facts (main pic)

    Why do in-flight movies make you weep? 5 things you never knew about being in an airplane

    Why are the windows round? How's the air quality when everyone's feeling... gassy? We’ve got the answers to these and other surprising facts about ...
  8. Coffee Academics' Coffee Conette

    Where to find your next-level coffee fix in Singapore

    Go beyond the usual long blacks and lattes – have you tried an Espresso Tonic or a Coffee Conette?
  9. Hermes In Motion exhibition

    Hermes brings rare treasures from its archives to Singapore, including its very first scarf

    Hermes Heritage – In Motion will take you through the ages, providing a glimpse into its journey from harness-maker and saddler into the present-day.
  10. Devil Chicken Chop Shilin Singapore

    Shilin Singapore opens, offering an experience inspired by Taiwan’s famous night market

    There’s Devil Chicken Chop fried chicken, MilkShop bubble tea, carnival games, music, shopping and more.