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  1. FILE PHOTO: Flags of U.S. and China are placed for a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture in Beij

    Commentary: Yes, it's time to end the US-China trade war

    The world’s first and second largest economies cannot disengage fully, regardless of the actions of particular administrations, say two US foreign ...
  2. China's economy continues its fast pace of growth and its potential remains vast, Chinese

    Commentary: The US-China trade war has seeds in the global financial crisis

    Because of the global financial crisis, China is converging on the US much more rapidly than anyone had expected, says one observer at the ...
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: Why tariffs are the wrong instruments to address US-China trade issues

    Great collateral damage on third countries aside, it’s hard to figure which imports to punish, say two observers from the Brookings Institution.