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  1. Strides made, but some way to go for Government to quench thirst for data

    The Big Read: Strides made, but some way to go for Government to quench thirst for data

    Many start-ups and academics interviewed said they hoped the Government would engage them to work out ways to collaborate on data.
  2. Man riding a personal mobility device (PMD) on a pedestrian footpath in Singapore

    The Big Read: Calls to ban PMDs mount as accidents persist — but is it the best option?

    Despite moves in recent years to regulate motorised devices on public paths, calls to beef up action against errant riders are mounting.
  3. Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre 1

    The Big Read: In the pursuit of technology, what happens to workers left behind?

    No job will be spared from technological disruptions economists say, and more can be done to help those with a higher risk of being left behind.
  4. New Content Item

    The Big Read: Sharing economy — the next big thing that never was?

    More than a decade after the sharing economy began its meteoric rise across the globe, the collaborative movement has come under siege, including ...
  5. In Singapore, Grab cut driver incentives after its merger with Uber.

    The Big Read: Private-hire drivers face roadblocks as they seek way out of once-lucrative industry

    Private-hire drivers, dogged by meagre incentives and earnings, face difficulties in finding another job as many have few transferable skills.
  6. SDP's Chee thanks Bukit Batok residents

    The Big Read: Opposition parties banding together — a grand plan or a last throw of the dice?

    Seven opposition parties announced plans last weekend to form a coalition. But uniting behind a single vision and identity will be key to ...
  7. New Content Item

    The Big Read: No more errantly parked bikes? New regime promising, but requires some pain

    New regulations have raised concerns of higher business costs, risks that businesses could gain access to one another's customers and user privacy.
  8. PM Lee at IMC

    The Big Read: Forget dollars and cents. Trump-Kim summit’s real value is in affirming Singapore’s place in the world

    The S$20 million cost of hosting the event, observers noted, was a strategic bet that may yield substantive dividends in the future.
  9. Mahathir presser May 11, 2018

    The Big Read: Voters not swayed by racial politics in Malaysian GE, but how long will that last?

    Empty promises, scandals and bread-and-butter issues drove Malay votes away from the Barisan Nasional, ending their six-decade rule of the country.
  10. New Content Item

    The Big Read: Why the Grab-Uber deal is making some uneasy

    In the aftermath of the announced Grab-Uber merger, concerns over pricing, the availability of affordable transport options, and the impact on ...