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Faris Mokhtar

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. New Content Item

    The Big Read: With mid-year exams scrapped, students rediscover joy of learning — yet old habits die hard

    Some parents say the removal of mid-year exams has no bearing on their children’s learning at home. Others, however, say it makes a difference — ...
  2. Asia Default Image

    The Big Read: ‘Humanity at its best’, but solidarity during cave rescue simply a way of life in Thailand’s humble villages

    Such selflessness is second nature to the Thai way of life, and it is especially evident in a poor rural area where life can be such a struggle ...
  3. Mahathir presser May 11, 2018

    The Big Read: Voters not swayed by racial politics in Malaysian GE, but how long will that last?

    Empty promises, scandals and bread-and-butter issues drove Malay votes away from the Barisan Nasional, ending their six-decade rule of the country.
  4. Malaysia election watcher

    The Big Read: In Malaysia’s polls, Barisan Nasional faces a test of loyalty versus a yearning for change

    A possible shift in the Malay ground ahead of a hotly contested general election in Malaysia on May 9 may be taking place.