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  1. Goods and daily necessities like food arrive on vessels that depend on the work of commercial divers

    The Big Read: US-China trade war not hurting Singapore much yet, but beware the long sting in the tail

    Until cooler heads prevail, trade-dependent nations like Singapore are in for a bumpy ride amid waves of uncertainty.
  2. HDB flats and private property

    The Big Read: Social stratification — a poison seeping into Singapore’s housing estates and schools

    A new phrase has entered the lexicon in the unfinished business of tackling inequality - social stratification, even as housing, education and ...
  3. Lee Hsien Loong Cabinet reshuffle Facebook photo

    The Big Read: Singapore’s political succession goes beyond finding the next Prime Minister

    Observers say the public should not base the country's current leadership transition on past precedents — be it in terms of the timeline or the ...