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Gillian Tett

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Virus Outbreak New York Mask Rules

    Commentary: New Yorkers are defying advice and keeping their masks on

    Masks offer a way to take back control in confusing and terrifying times, says the Financial Times’ Gillian Tett.
  2. People Elon Musk

    Commentary: Elon Musk wakes up to bitcoin’s environmental impact

    Bitcoin’s carbon footprint is embarrassing, not just for Tesla but for millennial crypto investors who care about green issues, says the Financial ...
  3. how to know if freelance work is right for you Singapore CNA Lifestyle couch

    Commentary: Has time lost all meaning for you? Join the club

    The shock of COVID-19 restrictions and the regime of working from home has caused our sense of time to collapse, says The Financial Times’ Gillian ...
  4. man silhouette, sex predator, abuse

    Commentary: The COVID-19 pandemic is trapping domestic violence victims in cages of terror

    Under lockdown, vulnerable families are imprisoned in a cage of terror, stress and abuse, says the Financial Times’ Gillian Tett.
  5. FILE PHOTO: A cyclist rides a bicyle as he delivers food for Deliveroo, an example of the emergence

    Commentary: COVID-19 will hit gig workers particularly hard

    If the outbreak sparks a lasting downturn, low-paid contingent workers are most vulnerable, says the Financial Times’ Gillian Tett.
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: It's only a pause for breath in US-China trade tensions

    The reality remains that despite a thaw in trade tensions, many American companies plan to shift production, says the Financial Times' Gillian Tett.
  7. FILE PHOTO: Graduates gather outside Senate House after their graduation ceremony at Cambridge Univ

    Commentary: Should universities even accept donations from hopeful parents?

    The US admissions scandal has shone a light on a broader ethical question around university funding, says the Financial Times Gillian Tett
  8. US dollar

    Commentary: Why the world is awash with US$100 bills

    Although we live in an era obsessed with innovations such as contactless transactions, some tangible goods and relationships matter deeply, says ...
  9. elderly, senior woman using phone in library

    Commentary: Don't blame the kids, it's grandparents who share more fake news

    People over the age of 65 shared nearly seven times as many articles from fake news domains, Financial Times' Gllian Tett points out.
  10. young people shoes

    Commentary: Stop talking about the millennials already

    The label is overused, growing old, and creates tensions, says Financial Times' Gillian Tett.