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  1. Demonstrators sit outside a close shop as they attend a rally to support the city-wide strike and t

    Commentary: All this fury but Hong Kong’s symbols of wealth have been untouched

    Violence, dissent and the root causes of both in Hong Kong are set against glamour, pop-up bubble tea boutiques and Hong Kong’s illusory show of ...
  2. rougai elderly japan

    Commentary: In Japan, the old are harassing the young

    Rougai, a term meaning an annoying old person, reflects Japan's ageing population woes keenly felt by the young, says the Financial Times' Leo Lewis.
  3. After this week's courtroom drama, what next for Carlos Ghosn?

    Commentary: Nissan saga makes Japan Inc look ever more of a myth

    Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn’s downfall is playing out as an embarrassing reminder that Japan Inc has ceased functioning the way everyone likes to ...
  4. Asia Default Image

    Japan’s literature of loneliness depicts solitude as a noble state

    The emerging trend of literature about solitude in Japan downplays a sense of desolation could be trying to make a virtue out of a growing ...
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: Japan whisky drought offers bitter aftertaste of retreat by corporate Japan

    Top distillers among the nation’s companies ruing chronic under-investment 20 years ago must rebound from the miscalculations of the past, says ...