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Lim Sun Sun

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Teenagers need help to deal with online harassment and bullying

    Commentary: Tracking your child’s online activity should not be done covertly

    Installing apps to see what your child is up to online is useful but can worsen relationships if done wrongly, says Professor Lim Sun Sun.
  2. students (2)

    Commentary: Singapore's Digital Readiness Blueprint must also address ‘invisible illiteracies’

    We must be cognisant of those among us who are on the wrong side of the digital skills divide, says one SUTD observer.
  3. Composite screen grabs of Instagram posts by social media influencers.

    Commentary: Shady tactics in influencer campaigns make social media the new frontier for stubbing out smoking

    The use of global social media campaigns by multinational tobacco companies to glamourise smoking is what authorities ought to focus on next in ...
  4. Singapore skyline

    Commentary: Three literacies to level up Singapore’s disruption game

    To adapt to a rapidly changing environment, and realise the country’s Smart Nation vision, Singaporeans need to be cross-culturally, digitally and ...
  5. People wearing protective face mask at Orchard Road

    Commentary: Wuhan virus - when social media and chat groups complicate crisis communication

    Information on the Wuhan virus and what steps Singapore is taking have been timely. But authorities could do better to ensure communications are ...
  6. Composite picture of aflluence's extravagance.

    Commentary: Wasteful practices of affluence must stop

    Let’s consider a set of new 3Rs for environmental sustainability – namely, reinvention, recalibration and reward, says Nominated Member of ...
  7. Singapore student using computer

    Commentary: Laptops for every student – a lot could go wrong

    Issues with distraction and unsafe content are real and safeguards must be in place before every student is given a digital device, says Professor ...
  8. older workers

    Commentary: Support for mid-career jobseekers is welcomed. But expectations need to be managed

    A lot hinges on the outcomes of the Mid-Career Traineeship scheme but industry leaders recommend that expectations of both parties must be ...
  9. child using computer

    Commentary: The joys and frustrations of home-based learning

    How well this home-based learning experience goes hinges on four factors in the home – space, the availability of devices, Wi-Fi speeds and ...
  10. Child using internet on laptop computer - file photo

    Commentary: The case for universal digital access, as home-based computing becomes a post-pandemic norm

    In an increasingly digital world where more will work and learn from home, reliable technology and Internet access are needs not wants, say ...