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  1. A man taking using the Zoom APP at home

    Commentary: How Zoom-working will change companies forever

    Virtual meetings are here to stay. It’ll upend how all corporate decisions are made from here on, says Howard Yu.
  2. iPhone queue, day 2 (2)

    Commentary: Underwhelming AirPods Pro? Here’s why Apple users remain incredibly loyal

    Much has been said about Apple’s unexciting progress with the AirPods Pro and the iPhone 11. So why are Apple fanboys and girls still so devoted?
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    Commentary: Big Tech’s growth spurt may be coming to an end

    Apple’s launch of ‘Sign in with Apple’ heralds the start of the end of radical innovation in Silicon Valley, says IMD Business School’s Howard Yu.
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    Commentary: Huawei may create a world split along tech lines

    The West shutting out Huawei could backfire in the long run, says IMD Business School Howard Yu.
  5. A man snapping a photo of the opening of the Rain Vortex from a vantage point.

    Commentary: Why Jewel Changi Airport should be enjoyed in person – not through a smartphone

    Technology can make our lives better so why is it making us sadder and lonelier instead? IMD Business School Professor Howard Yu dives into the ...
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    Commentary: The real reason Google and Facebook should be broken up? China

    The rise of competition from China is why tech giants like Google and Facebook should dismantle to protect their business, says one observer.
  7. Alibaba founder Jack Ma on the first day of trading for Alibaba on the New York Stock Exchange in

    Commentary: Alibaba's most innovative move to date? Jack Ma's graceful corporate exit

    In another display of being ahead of the curve, Ma shifts from dynastic leadership to professional management to sustain his legacy.
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    Commentary: Is Xiaomi twice as good as Apple?

    For Xiaomi, becoming the world’s largest smartphone maker can only mean chasing after Apple. But Is Xiaomi twice as good as Apple? Or is this ...