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  1. Algorithms run our Google searches, our Facebook newsfeed, recommend articles or videos to us and

    Commentary: The real reason Google and Facebook should be broken up? China

    The rise of competition from China is why tech giants like Google and Facebook should dismantle to protect their business, says one observer.
  2. Alibaba founder Jack Ma on the first day of trading for Alibaba on the New York Stock Exchange in

    Commentary: Alibaba's most innovative move to date? Jack Ma's graceful corporate exit

    In another display of being ahead of the curve, Ma shifts from dynastic leadership to professional management to sustain his legacy.
  3. People walk past a Xiaomi store in Beijing

    Commentary: Is Xiaomi twice as good as Apple?

    For Xiaomi, becoming the world’s largest smartphone maker can only mean chasing after Apple. But Is Xiaomi twice as good as Apple? Or is this ...