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Cindy Ng

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  1. abuse shot

    Commentary: A deep pain but strong will to live - lessons from a survivor of abuse

    A survivor of abuse has showed me why we need to be less judgmental and more empathetic, says Methodist Welfare Services' Cindy Ng.
  2. A child studying

    Commentary: A wake-up call, when a disadvantaged child gets 8 out of 100 for an exam

    Uplifting disadvantaged children requires us to create ecosystems of support and actively facilitate their access to this support, says Cindy Ng.
  3. Family at a beach.

    Commentary: This is what the face of poverty looks like

    Consider the complexities in tackling poverty to avoid superficial solutions that assume the root is the lack of skills or wisdom to make certain ...
  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: Three stories on why tackling poverty requires active listening

    We need to listen to the experiences of families, try to understand the effects of policies, and deliberate as a society about the minimum ...