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Alex Capri

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. US President Donald Trump (left) and Chinese President Xi Jinping

    Commentary: We may be in the early stages of a new Cold War

    A looming US-China trade war is only a small component in a much larger, more important development: Beijing and Washington’s intensifying ...
  2. People walk past a Tencent sign at the company headquarters in Shenzhen

    Commentary: How Tencent became world’s most valuable social media company – and then everything changed

    Is China’s Tencent the next victim of a technology Cold War? Alex Capri outlines the implications of US policy impacting the tech titan over the ...
  3. Trade-reliant Singapore is typically among the first countries to be hit during global crises

    Commentary: How Singapore will remain a top trading hub in a post-pandemic world

    As the world economy collapses, Singapore could face stark choices in forging ahead on trade and growth, while navigating US-China tensions, says ...
  4. People wearing mask at Orchard Road Singapore Feb 3 (39)

    Commentary: COVID-19 could redefine Singapore’s place in the global economy

    COVID-19 may bring challenging economic times to Singapore but its more pervasive, lasting effects will accelerate shifts in the economic ...
  5. The Lowy Institute has said in a report that China has overtaken the United States in the number of

    Commentary: The US-China tech rivalry is fracturing the world and affecting trade, firms and jobs

    This surge in techno-nationalism will result in some form of bifurcation, says Alex Capri.
  6. Even trade experts, who have opposed many of US President Donald Trump's trade actions so far

    Commentary: The end of unrestricted commerce and the dawn of the great US-China disentanglement

    This new phase in geopolitics will be marked by a US-China decoupling in the technology sector, says NUS Business School’s Alex Capri.