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Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Big Read Oct 4 Gender Inequality in Singapore

    The Big Read: Gender equality in Singapore remains elusive amid entrenched attitudes about women’s roles

    Patriarchal values, and the traditional mindset about gender roles - such as the wife being primarily responsible for matters at home with the ...
  2. Big Read Mar 13, 2021 (7)

    The Big Read: Amid societal changes, how will the link between family formation and housing policies evolve?

    For single Singaporeans, the road to securing a roof over their heads has been more challenging than some others, when for the longest time, a ...
  3. The Big Read Feb 13

    The Big Read: Pummelled by COVID-19, Singapore's economy to begin K-shaped recovery with Budget 2021

    Support measures in Budget 2021 will largely be very targeted, said economists and observers interviewed.
  4. NMPs 1

    The Big Read: 30 years of NMP scheme - are non-partisan, unelected voices still needed in Parliament?

    Former NMPs and political analysts said that improvements must be made, particularly in allowing for greater transparency in its selection process ...
  5. The Big Read: Kept afloat by Govt lifelines, will ‘zombie companies’ haunt Singapore? 1

    The Big Read: Kept afloat by government lifelines, will ‘zombie companies’ haunt Singapore?

    Several businesses have managed to hold on thus far due to various government help schemes, but may have to make the heart-wrenching decision to ...
  6. Clarke Quay

    The Big Read: Bearing few traces of its past, Clarke Quay’s decades-long search for an identity goes on

    While CapitaLand’s strategy to bring in more family-friendly activities would help to improve business in the day, some experts felt that this ...
  7. A man stands near an advertisement of a cryptocurrency exchange in Tokyo

    The Big Read: Cryptocurrency crash offers industry the reality check it needs

    It’s not just cryptocurrency investors who have been hit by the drop in prices. Cryptocurrency-related businesses are affected as well.
  8. Mr Watt Zhong Qing indulges in fast food about four times a week

    The Big Read: Through thick and thin (waistlines) — Singaporeans’ enduring love affair with fast food

    Experts believe that the fast food industry here will continue to thrive despite health concerns and a cut-throat sector
  9. Woman lying in silence.

    The Big Read: Some men just don’t get it — more awareness but abuse of women in S’pore still a problem

    Despite greater recognition from the Government on the broader issue of violence against women, there is still a long way to go at a societal and ...