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  1. Women in Chanel tweed suits

    How to save time and money on your work wardrobe with just 6 key essentials

    Dressing for work needn't be a chore. Mix and match these everyday basics for a winning corporate wardrobe.
  2. Shoemaker Teresa Chong flies the Singapore flag high in the realm of quality men's shoes

    Meet the Singaporean woman making men's shoes using a guy's name

    Entrepreneur Teresa Chong is the woman behind the label Jonathan Abel, and she's finding a unique fit in the traditionally male-dominated ...
  3. A close up of a woman's neck

    The skin on your neck can betray your age – here's how to keep it firm and smooth

    Many people put a lot of effort and time into facial care but often overlook the neck area. From moisturising to yoga, here are ways to fix that.
  4. Which are the best body scrubs and exfoliants to use?

    Get beach-ready skin with body scrubs and exfoliants that work a treat

    There are body scrubs that simply exfoliate, and then there are those that also nourish your skin and protect it, all while being an olfactory and ...
  5. Toners and its benefits HERO

    Skipping that toner could be why your skincare regimen isn’t working

    Don’t underestimate the importance of toning your face – this oft-neglected step can potentially transform how other skincare products perform on ...
  6. How to make your clothes last longer

    Buy less, save money: Practical ways to make your clothes last longer

    Should you keep or chuck the plastic cover after the trip to the dry-cleaners? Here’s the answer, as well as all you should know about washing and ...
  7. 5 style rules for men HERO

    How to dress better: 5 very simple style rules for the modern gentleman

    It always helps to look the part – both in your professional and personal lives. And it doesn't take a style genius or a bottomless budget.
  8. Travel makeup essential HERO

    Beauty kit: The travel makeup essentials for the girl who’s always on the go

    Create a full look with fewer products – here are the portable, multitasking must-haves that are a breeze to use on travels or when zipping about ...
  9. Dressing cool in this heat

    Beat the heat: How to dress up for work without worrying about sweat stains

    It’s sweltering hot outside but freezing inside your office – deciding what to wear can be frustrating. Don’t sweat it – you can still feel cool ...
  10. Sports bra HERO

    Choosing the right sports bra can make exercise a less painful experience

    Ladies, you’ll need the right support to improve your workout performance. Here’s everything you need to know to choose the single most important ...