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  1. Black beauty HERO

    The big problem of finding makeup for darker Asian skin tones – and how to fix it

    From Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty to Pat McGrath Labs, is there more diversity in makeup nowadays? Veteran makeup artist Yuan Sng, former beauty queen ...
  2. DIY Skincare Kits: Face and neck mask from 111skin

    How to deal with ‘maskne’ or worse with DIY skincare kits you can use at home

    Good things come in nifty packages that provide a complete DIY solution to your skin issues – without going to a facialist or dermatologist.
  3. Vintage Bags HERO

    Buy vintage: How to own the trendiest designer bags without breaking the bank

    Thanks to the fashion world's tendency to repeat its big hits from its history, plenty of gems can be found among vintage bags – if you know how ...
  4. The battle btw toner and essence HERO

    Toner vs essence: What’s the difference? Do you need both for your skincare routine?

    Can't figure out if you should get one or both of these products? CNA Lifestyle explains what they do for your skin.
  5. Smart skincare HERO

    Smart skincare: How today’s beauty products do more than just cleanse and moisturise

    A new generation of skincare products is tapping into scientific knowledge and medical research. Here’s a look at what some of these can do.
  6. A guide to skin brightening

    Stay-home beauty tips: How to deal with skin problems before the mask comes off

    Since we’re all mostly at home, it’s the perfect time to deal with pigmentation and uneven complexion with a skincare regimen you can do before ...
  7. How to care for your jewellery: Van Cleef & Arpels

    How to clean your jewellery: Using toothpaste or vinegar may do more harm than good

    Whether it’s costume jewellery, a family heirloom or your wedding ring, your baubles need some TLC to last longer. Here are simple tips on how to ...
  8. How to deal with split ends

    Ladies, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting rid of hair split ends once and for all

    Snipping these off is just a temporary fix – follow these tips to eliminate them for good.
  9. The future of beauty shopping

    Virtual apps, WhatsApp texts: How to shop for beauty products in a pandemic

    Companies such as Sephora, SK-II and Clarins are using creative technology to make socially distanced, contact-free shopping a breeze.
  10. How to get good hair

    How to have good hair with the best styling tools you can buy under S$70

    It’s time to say hello, outside world. To make sure it’s a good hair day, these affordably fab finds are here to help.