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  1. Model in a mini dress

    Budget buys: Everything in this fashion spread is from neighbourhood shops

    Finding great-looking clothes without splurging takes shopping skills – but you can complete your entire ensemble for as low as S$20 and S$55.
  2. A close up of a woman with coloured hair

    From skincare to makeup: The biggest beauty trends that defined the 2010s

    Whether or not you partook in beauty gadgets or multicoloured hair, there’s no ignoring how these trends have shaped the beauty industry in the ...
  3. Close up on a woman with pigmentation

    Ladies, here are the best skincare products to remove those pesky age or sun spots

    Next to acne, skin discolouration is possibly the most frustrating skin problem there is. These essentials can help solve your hyperpigmentation woes.
  4. A woman undergoing Thermage and Ultheraphy at Prive Aesthetics

    Masks and serums not working for wrinkles? Next-level facial treatments you can save up for

    If you’re after effective medical-grade therapy for your skin problems – that’s pretty much pain-free – these are the most-requested facial ...
  5. Hair dye HERO

    Bleach or highlights? How to choose the right colour for your hair type and texture

    Your hair doesn’t have to look dry and washed-out after a dye job. Here’s what you should do to prevent it.
  6. Dyson party hair HERO

    How to easily style your own hair like Song Hye-kyo and Rebecca Lim this party season

    Can't bring yourself to make an appointment with the hairdresser every time you have to attend a party? Make it happen with your own two hands.
  7. Women dressed up for a company party

    How to dress right for your company D&D – so you don’t embarrass yourself

    Rule No 2: Keep it covered up – nobody needs to see that much of you. CNA Lifestyle offers tips so you don’t stand out for the wrong reasons in ...
  8. Illustration of a couple with a ring

    How to buy an engagement ring: Everything a guy needs to know to get it right

    Ring-shopping can be a daunting task, especially if you’re clueless about diamonds and jewellery. Here are really helpful tips so you can impress ...
  9. close up of a good looking man

    Instantly handsome: Extremely simple, low-effort grooming tips for lazy men

    From fixing greasy hair to to hiding that zit, here are six effective ways to look and feel your best even when you "don't have time".
  10. Illustration of men's suit according to body type

    How to pick out a suit that fits you perfectly – according to your body type

    Are you oval-shaped? Skinny or have a weightlifter’s physique? Here's an easy guide when you're shopping for a suit so you'll look spiffy, ...